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Synonyms for arborous

of or relating to or formed by trees

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In this case, it is speculated that the spatial arrangement of the arborous community (12 x 2 m) resulted in an intense shading level, which limited the development of the studied fabaceae.
Unlike walking down an arborous forest path, paddling down a watercourse offers kayakers opportunities to observe and delight in arresting natural wetland scenes that the common hiker or long-distance biker is not privy to: a variety of smooth golden grasses, triangular sedges with inconspicuous flowers, reed-like leaves of cattails and the velvety cylindrical spikes of bulrushes.
However, frequent burnings in the Cerrado limit the spontaneous uptake of carbon dioxide that would occur if the arborous species could reach adulthood instead of dying prematurely by fire (Sawer, 2009).
The banks practically did not present arborous vegetation, and the littoral region present several ecological types of aquatic macrophytes: emerged (Typha sp.