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branch out like trees

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While the fibroepithelial polyp also has a fibrous core, the arborizing structures are lined with respiratory epithelium.
Both have tumor cells that lack the morphology of adipocytes while featuring a prominent arborizing vasculature.
The complex, arborizing papillae are composed of thin, fibrovascular cores containing collagen fibers (SHG signal, color-coded red) and lined by a thickened epithelial layer (autofluorescence, color-coded green).
An arborizing capillary network is a characteristic finding in myxoid liposarcoma, as opposed to the disorganized thin-and thick-walled blood vessels of AAM.
A large fibrovascular core was present with numerous arborizing papillary elements, some of which grew into adjacent alveolar spaces (a previously described pattern) (Figure 2, A).
Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma characteristically displays a marked proliferation of arborizing vessels and atretic or absent follicle centers.
Histologically, each gland has a thin fibrous capsule that overlies an arborizing network of adipose tissue, blood vessels, and glandular parenchyma (Figure 1).
Microscopically, the polyp consisted of clear cells with delicate, arborizing capillary vascular network, consistent with a metastatic conventional (clear cell) RCC (Figure 1, D).