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branch out like trees

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Left: The surface epithelium overlies an arborizing, complex papillary neoplastic proliferation.
43,44) These tumors are characterized by sheets of uniform cells with round, central nuclei, perinuclear halos, conspicuous cell borders, and a prominent arborizing capillary network (Figure 4, D through F) closely mimicking oligodendroglioma, also a diagnostic consideration in the thalamus.
PDI showed grade 2 or more signal in 90% of cases, 60% of cases demonstrated arborizing pattern on PDI.
Dermoscopy (dermatoscope with polarized light) may show delicate, linear to treebranch-like telangiectatic vessels or asymmetrical arborizing vessels, as well as multiple blue-gray globules (pigmented type), occasionally with areas of ulceration.
They are composed of mature intestinal epithelial cells that are organized into arborizing glands that are surrounded by a delicate stroma of smooth muscle bundles.
23) Myxofibrosarcoma typically arises in the superficial soft tissue of the extremities; it is characterized by the presence of myxoid nodules displaying an arborizing, thick-walled vasculature.
The nodule consisted of a cyst with large arborizing papillae having fibrovascular cores.
complex, arborizing papillary structures (figure 1)
Note that the spiral arterioles are not seen; vasculature of the tumor shows delicate arborizing capillaries.
In low power the presence of elongated, arborizing blood vessels resembling the shape of rete testis, are lined by monomorphic bland endothelial cells with prominent apical nuclei and scanty cytoplasm.
Pancreatoblastoma tumor cells are arranged in sheets and show extensive acinar differentiation with focal central, ill-defined squamoid morules surrounded by more neuroendocrine cells with arborizing ribbonlike pattern (hematoxylin-eosin, original magnification X200).
In the classic pattern, the tumor cells appear monomorphic with cords or nests of 6-10 cells separated by small, regularly spaced arborizing fibro vascular septa.
These neoplasms are unified by "papillary" morphology, consisting of arborizing fronds with fibrovascular cores of various thicknesses and lining epithelium.
Unique microscopic features of IOPNs include complex, thick, arborizing papillae with delicate stroma, lined by multiple layers of cuboidal to columnar epithelium with abundant granular, eosinophilic cytoplasm (Figure, B and C).
1) Microscopically, a Peutz-Jeghers polyp arising in the small intestine is typically characterized by smooth muscle bundles of varying thickness extending in an arborizing arrangement up into the "head" of the polyp.