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branch out like trees

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In relation to the spatial variability in the arborized system, the lower values, for all seasons, were found at the sampling point 1, near the grevillea tree.
In spite of the potentially hazardous nature of their arborized geometry and the abundance of mechanical perturbations they experience, individual neurons evidently survive for 100 years or more
By using a self-organizing, arborized and reticulated network, PATMOS states that they have created a self-similar pattern that is infinitely expandable.
TABLE Clinical types of basal cell carcinoma and dermoscopic findings CLINICAL TYPE DERMOSCOPIC FINDINGS NOTES Nodular (including Arborizing (tree-like ** Most common type noduloulcerative branching) ** Small lesions and cystic) telangiectasias easily missed ** Can be difficult to differentiate from irritated seborrheic keratosis, sebaceous hyperplasia, and "Wart" on a Dermoscopy of lesion numerous other supraclavicular at left, clearly papular lesions area--note pearly showing arborized ** If pigmented, look translucency of telangiectatic for findings of nodular basal cell vessels.