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someone trained in forestry

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Arboriculturists make sure that trees in amenity and conservation areas are managed, maintained and kept in a safe condition.
For a qualified Arboriculturist Consultant near you, call the Arboricultural Association on: 01794 368717 or visit www.
He said: "In response to a recent assessment of the condition of the various trees in the Maes area by the council's specialist arboriculturist, it was deemed that the chestnut tree located on the bottom end of Pool Street posed a danger to the public and should be felled as a matter of urgency in order to protect the public.
I have more than once personally pointed out the hazard that could be caused by falling branches and reject completely the assertion by the council arboriculturist that the tree is safe and in good condition.
The Woburn reference is to the fact that William, author of books and said to be "probably the greatest arboriculturist between John Evelyn and modern times", had at one time been extensively employed at Woburn by the Duke of Bedford.
Mr Dennis, an arboriculturist, said the real problem had been a lack of autumn storms resulting in all the leaves falling at once then turning into a gooey paste in the recent wet weather.
Contract Award for: Planting and maintaining of Seasonal (Summer season) flower in Banani-Tongi-Joydebpur road from 12 to 18 km (both side) under the Executive Arboriculturist (East Zone), Dhaka, during the year 2014 a 2015.
It proposes that tree owners should have an annual 'walk-by' inspection, a check by a 'trained person' every three years and a more rigorous - and expensive - 'expert inspection' by a qualified arboriculturist every five years.
Progress on the work has been delayed by the need to obtain a comprehensive report from an arboriculturist on the extent of the damage caused to the riverside avenue of trees.
Arboriculturist John Whitehead said: ``Kew Gardens and its huge collection of plants from so many different countries provided a botanical journey round the world.
Dad Carwyn, who was withSarah throughout the 22-hour longlabour, works as a tree arboriculturist with West Coast Energy in the Dolgellau area.
That's the challenge that faces us as arboriculturists.
It was the admiring comments from visitors that prompted The National Trust to give the tall order to specialist arboriculturists to measure the tree.
Arboriculturists make sure trees in amenity and conservation areas are managed, maintained and kept in a safe condition.