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someone trained in forestry

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Armed with a new CV, Mark was soon applying for a range of jobs and secured an interview with Birmingham City Council supplier Amey for a position as an arboriculturist, managing trees, hedgerows and shrubs.
You can become an arboriculturist by getting a degree, foundation degree or BTEC HND in subjects such as arboriculture, arboriculture and urban forestry, forestry and woodland management, or you can gain a mixture of experience and a professional qualification.
It is advisable to have it checked by a qualified Arboriculturist Consultant who can advise on the problem and its solution.
Lambton, "The Athar wa-ahya of Rashid al-Din Fadl Allah Hamadani and his Contributions as an Agronomist, Arboriculturist and Horticulturalist" in The Mongol Empire and Its Legacy, 146.
There is a natural-resources expert, two groundskeepers, and Fred Nilsen, an arboriculturist, who for nine years now has overseen Forest Park's day-to-day maintenance from hit desk in the back of a shed.
Aimed at competent arboriculturist, the course will enable holders of the qualification to care for and manage trees professionally, making estates, green spaces and public gardens safer places to visit.
On Saturday and Sunday at 11am and 2pm, arboriculturist Chris Shortis and historian David Yates will lead free walks in the woods.
The company, run by arboriculturist Quentin Nicholls with the help of his wife, Cornelia, is the classic example of spotting a gap in the market and working out how to fill it.
But an inspecting arboriculturist, who visited, said there was nothing to suggest the tree was weak.
It includes seminars from the firm's agricultural adviser Andrew Jamieson, environmental adviser, Mark Barrow, town planner Neil Henderson, renewable specialist Alistair Fell and arboriculturist Richard Hunter.
He said: "In response to a recent assessment of the condition of the various trees in the Maes area by the council's specialist arboriculturist, it was deemed that the chestnut tree located on the bottom end of Pool Street posed a danger to the public and should be felled as a matter of urgency in order to protect the public.
I have more than once personally pointed out the hazard that could be caused by falling branches and reject completely the assertion by the council arboriculturist that the tree is safe and in good condition.
The Woburn reference is to the fact that William, author of books and said to be "probably the greatest arboriculturist between John Evelyn and modern times", had at one time been extensively employed at Woburn by the Duke of Bedford.
Mr Dennis, an arboriculturist, said the real problem had been a lack of autumn storms resulting in all the leaves falling at once then turning into a gooey paste in the recent wet weather.
It proposes that tree owners should have an annual 'walk-by' inspection, a check by a 'trained person' every three years and a more rigorous - and expensive - 'expert inspection' by a qualified arboriculturist every five years.