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a facility where trees and shrubs are cultivated for exhibition

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Those attending who had been involved in starting other arboreta gave us a clear message: "Do not start planting until you have a master plan and the infrastructure in place to maintain everything you do.
Some American arboreta were fashioned after European gardens, with manicured lawns, fountains and statuary.
Larger, older arboreta, such as the Landis, have full-sized, mature specimens and often a large number of other varieties in a small area.
The Landis, like many arboreta, often makes its facilities available for plant research.
Many arboreta assist local gardeners with information about which ornamental plants are best for their conditions.
Naturalists also are attracted to arboreta for the variety of wildlife that visit or live in the natural habitats.
Arboreta everywhere are trying this new approach--and none too soon, says Colbert: "There's lots of competition out there, and arboreta must become relevant.
People look to arboreta to be leaders," she explains.
Stark, executive director of the American Public Gardens Association, agrees: "Of all cultural organizations, public gardens and arboreta should be playing a leadership role in demonstrating sustainable practices.
Across the country, visitors to arboreta are coming face-to-face with the exciting fruits of the Green Revolution.