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resembling a tree in form and branching structure

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La propriete intellectuelle est l'une de ces branches du droit qui a degenere de la sorte et qui deploie desormais une arborescence de lois particulierement hermetiques.
The degree of arborescence of these species is not unlimited.
In the arborescence of the realist research programme, however, diverging predictions can be made about the constraints that weigh upon Chinese strategic choices.
There are knots of arborescence in rhizomes and rhizomatic offshoots in roots.
En plus de contribuer a fixer le sens des mots, elle fournit une arborescence operatoire pour le patrimoine immateriel et nous permet de structurer la base de donnees dans un tout coherent.
Key Deleuzian Metaphorical Tools for Understanding Local Economic Development Deleuzian Concise Definition Terminology Arborescence Refers to structured and hierarchical thinking.
A more appropriate analogy for Army logistics is a flexible, robust logistics network; not a serial chain or hierarchical arborescence (see Figure 5), but rather a network web--as in spider web--which is then enabled by a strong analytical foundation with supporting IT to achieve an integrated, flexible, efficient, and effective logistics capability.
In the brain, the issue of arborescence versus rhizomatic is not so much about power as functionality.