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resembling a tree in form and branching structure

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Comme je vous le disais tout a l'heure, l'enfant HP a une pensee en arborescence qui passe d'une idee a une autre puis une autre, puis une autre.
Lipoma arborescence (LA) is a rare benign idiopathic intra articular lesion that involves the knee joint, particularly the supra patellar pouch.
As Guattari suggests, we need to "leave the world of arborescences, simulacra and black holes of the face-landscape system for that of rhizomes" (page 101).
There are two major kinds of arborescence within monocots: the palm habit (with absence of secondary bundles); and other arborescent forms with secondary bundles.
And directions in America are different: the search for arborescence and the return to the Old World occur in the East.
En plus de contribuer a fixer le sens des mots, elle fournit une arborescence operatoire pour le patrimoine immateriel et nous permet de structurer la base de donnees dans un tout coherent.
Key Deleuzian Metaphorical Tools for Understanding Local Economic Development Deleuzian Concise Definition Terminology Arborescence Refers to structured and hierarchical thinking.
A more appropriate analogy for Army logistics is a flexible, robust logistics network; not a serial chain or hierarchical arborescence (see Figure 5), but rather a network web--as in spider web--which is then enabled by a strong analytical foundation with supporting IT to achieve an integrated, flexible, efficient, and effective logistics capability.
In the brain, the issue of arborescence versus rhizomatic is not so much about power as functionality.
The visible minority, in its isolation as both problem and solution, must never be integrated into the governmental arborescence that constitutes the white-washed vertical mosaic of official multiculturalism.
For instance, during their blissful idyll, Tess and Angel "passed the leafy time, when arborescence seems to be the one thing aimed at out-of-doors," and the narrative voice then compares Tess to a tree: "She was, for one thing, physically and mentally suited among these new surroundings.
Rhizomes are molecular, minoritarian; arborescence is molar, major, statist.
In a bluntly manipulated digital photograph (which ends up working as an encapsulation of Grinnan's concerns), rolls of blue carpeting and brown carpet padding become the canopy of a tree, which, along with the landscape it inhabits, have been made out of half an image mirrored and then doubled-- think Photoshopped Gordon Matta-Clark meets Dan Graham arborescence.
Arborescence is a term used by Xenakis to indicate a branching structure.
Hors-credit--hors-legalite--le principe poetique doit etre source de liberte et matrice de la vie (une arborescence des signifiants, la "liberte libre").