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Synonyms for arboreous

inhabiting or frequenting trees

abounding in trees

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resembling a tree in form and branching structure

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Vegetation according to IBGE (2012): a = Grassy-Woody Savanna; b = Upper Montane Vegetational Refuges; c = Savanna/Seasonal Forest; d = Agrarian Activities (originally Savanna, Steppic Savanna/Seasonal Forest or Savanna/Broadleaf Forest); e = Secondary Vegetation and Agrarian Activities (originally Seasonal Decidual, Semideciduous or Moist Broadleaf Forests); f = Arboreous Savanna; g = Arboreous Steppic Savanna; h = Seasonal Decidual Submontante Forest; i = Savanna/Broadleaf Forest; j = Mangroves; k = Moist Broadleaf Forest of Lowlands.
Group 2: Vegetation in intermediate successional stage, after intensive logging and exploitation of Ilex paraguariensis and extensive cattle farming; vegetation predominantly arboreous, in variable conservation status, creating mosaic of vegetation types, evidence of recent and historic timber exploitation, frequent presence of pasture.
Evaluation of the loss of the native arboreous vegetation in the Mountain Range of Bodoquena, Mato Grosso do Sul State, by means of remote sensing
Another approach to the moose-forest problem is associated with the investigation of the role of moose in the productivity of particular species of arboreous and herbaceous plants and phytocenosis.
A cycle of observations over the natural response of arboreous plants to removal of their increment by moose is supplemented by data on experimental removal of phytomass in the pine and oak, and aspen (Smirnov 1987).
Litrhea caustica is the arboreous species that recuperates best after the fire.
In one of the chapters of Makura no Soshi, Sei Shonagon goes over the local arboreous flora.
SUPERFAMILIA RHYTIDOIDEA PILSBRY 1893 FAMILIA SCOLODONTIDAE Baker 1925 Genero Scolodonta Doring 1875 Scolodonta semperi (Doring 1875) Genero Drepanostomella Bourguinat 1889 Drepanostomella tucma Hylton Scott 1948 SUPERFAMILIA ZONITOIDEA Morch 1864 FAMILIA ZONITIDAE Morch 1864 Genero Zonitoides Lehman 1862 Zonitoides arboreous (Say 1916) SUPERFAMILIA GASTRODONTOIDEA Tryon 1866 FAMILIA EUCONULIDAE Baker 1928 SUBFAMILIA EUCONULINAE Baker 1928 Genero Guppya Morch 1867 Guppya aenea Hylton Scott 1948 Genero Habroconus Fisher 1872 Habroconus lilloana Hylton Scott 1948 Habroconus sp.
The vegetation is formed by small areas of semideciduous forests, grasses, shrubs, ornamental plants, fruit trees and reforested areas with arboreous angiosperms.