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Synonyms for arboreal

of or relating to or formed by trees

inhabiting or frequenting trees

resembling a tree in form and branching structure

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From hominid arboreality to hominid bipedalism, in S.
Foraging site preferences and relative arboreality of small rodents in Florida.
However, this study suggests that vertical climbing and arboreality were not significant parts of their locomotor repertoire.
An engineering analysis of Archaeopteryx's reversed first toe (or 'hallux') seems to clinch the case for arboreality, for this fully opposable digit is ideally suited to grasping branches, and is present in all modern perching birds from warblers to ravens.
Increased levels of stress caused by time spent in direct contact with humans, reduced arboreality, and lack of a nutritious and normal diet may contribute to increased levels of infection (4).