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of or relating to or formed by trees

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She said: "All stone extracted (will be) transported via Arborary Lane to the nearby works located off to architectural and building products.
A blue-coloured Skoda Fabia was travelling along Intake Lane and a grey coloured Suzuki Swift was travelling along Arborary Lane when a collision occurred at the junction of both roads.
The event runs from noon until 11pm at Arborary Lane in South Crosland, near to Blackmoorfoot Reservoir.
The Huddstock line-up will be revealed next week in time for the June 6 festival at Arborary Lane in South Crosland.
The festival itself will not take place until June 6, at Arborary Lane in South Crosland.
DURING November 2008 extensive road surfacing repairs took place on Nopper Road, Arborary Lane, Harrison Lane and part of Helme Lane.
We first held it at Castle Hill but last year moved to Arborary Lane at South Crosland.
A superb panorama of all the surrounding hills opens before us as we ride along Madgin Lane and as we turn left at the top on Arborary Lane the township of Meltham can be seen tucked away beneath them.
Crowds flocked to fields off Arborary Lane in South Crosland on Saturday to see bands like Kava Kava, Mr Shiraz and Far From The Dance.
Huddstock 2008 will take place on June 7 in fields off Arborary Lane, South Crosland, to raise money for Huddersfield charities Kirkwood Hospice and teenage cancer organisation The Laura Crane Trust.