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Synonyms for arbitrement

the act of deciding as an arbiter

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to make accord, to make amend, to make arbitrement, to make bargain, to make bliss, to make bost, to make chere, to make complaint, to make counsel, to make countenance, to make covenant, to make dole, to make end, to make fefment, to make feste, to make forward, to make fin, to make joy, to make lesing, to make mencion, to make minishing, to make mone, to make noise, to make ordinance, to make oth, to make peace, to make prayer, to make proclamacion, to make replicacion, to make serche, to make sorrow, to make statut, to make work.
This is the case of make lesing, make oth, make counsel, make bargain, make arbitrement, make statut, make ordinance.
Make bargain, make statut, make arbitrement and make ordinans are Composite Predicates that usually take the definite article.
His second argument is that each soldier is morally responsible for himself: "Besides, there is no king, be his cause never so spotless, if it come to the arbitrement of swords, can try it out with all unspotted soldiers .
It is said to be called an Arbitrement either because the Judges elected thereon may determine the Controversie not according to the Law, but according to their opinion and judgment of honest men.
76) John Match, Actions for Slaunder, or, A Methodical Collection under certain Grounds and Heads: Awards or Arbitrements, London, M Walbank et R Best, 1647.