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Synonyms for arbitrement

the act of deciding as an arbiter

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This is the case of make lesing, make oth, make counsel, make bargain, make arbitrement, make statut, make ordinance.
Make bargain, make statut, make arbitrement and make ordinans are Composite Predicates that usually take the definite article.
Make arbitrement has been recorded both in the active and in the passive voice, while make statut and make ordinans regularly appear passivised, which may be related to the formal character of the text to which these strings belong.
and pe same day biforn noon maden here full ordinaunce and arbitrement of alle pe same matiers in pe chyrche of pe Greye Frerys at Norwich .
76) John Match, Actions for Slaunder, or, A Methodical Collection under certain Grounds and Heads: Awards or Arbitrements, London, M Walbank et R Best, 1647.