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the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment

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It is our fundamental expectation as the business world that the probes are conducted in a fast and transparent way that will not leave a place to arbitrariness," the statement said.
The first development concerns the distinctiveness of the specific principles of fundamental justice that were raised in Bedford: the norms against arbitrariness, overbreadth, and gross disproportionality.
The scoring model is expected to reduce arbitrariness in deciding the eligibility for loans, and help in reducing the rejection rate of MSME loan applications, said RK Dubey, chairman and managing director of Canara Bank.
The connection between capitalist abstraction and the arbitrariness of life and death, which is the basic condition of many refugees, is barely alluded to in these antiseptic museological surroundings.
This will also bring in more accountability and transparency into the process of land leasing and licensing and minimize the element of discretion and arbitrariness at port level.
of London, England) introduces the study of rhetoric in politics and the political, with rhetoric understood as a form of mediation between the uncertainty and arbitrariness of politics and the principled world of the political.
This sad, occasionally funny chronicle of the system's careless arbitrariness is based on the memoir of a blonde twenty something Smith grad who carried a suitcase full of drug money for an ex-girlfriend and wound up incarcerated for it many years later.
There are many clauses in the Law that preserve the rights of the expatriates in case of arbitrariness by the sponsors and in case of forced seizure of possessions, complaints should be submitted to the Civil Court which will form a committee to investigate the matter or settle the disputes between the parties.
What is strange about the website licensing procedure is it vagueness and arbitrariness.
Imre Kertesz (Hungary, 1929-) wins the Nobel Prize for Literature "for writing that upholds the fragile experience of the individual against the barbaric arbitrariness of history.
So there is arbitrariness, lawlessness, looting and pillaging of our environment in the occupied areas.
The customer should not have the impression that he is subjected to arbitrariness of the concerns which control the market in Europe", Mitterlehner was quoted as saying by the newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten.
And only last week I gave assent to the Industrial Relations Act 2012 to protect the rights of workers against arbitrariness, he said.
8220;We are opposed to collectivism, centralized planning, coercion, lack of accountability, opaqueness, arbitrariness and unchecked power of government.
Answers on page 20 Other lives But for the arbitrariness of fate there would be no horse named Great Span finishing fourth in a maiden hurdle at Limerick on St Stephen's Day.