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Synonyms for arbitrary

Synonyms for arbitrary

determined or marked by whim or caprice rather than reason

based on individual judgment or discretion

Antonyms for arbitrary

based on or subject to individual discretion or preference or sometimes impulse or caprice

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Such terms effaced the brutal realities and brusque arbitraries of race-mixing: that Black women and girls were raped, that marriage to another man did not protect an enslaved woman from rape by her master, that fathers raped their daughters and brothers raped their sisters, that fathers denied the children of their rape and usually retained these children in their families as their slaves, that few children of rape were considered to be elevated enough by the infusion of white blood to be educated at colleges like Wilberforce or even liberated by their masters, that no Southern jurisdiction would prosecute or adjudicate the rape of a Black woman or girl.
Fully integrated with all carriers' governing rules tariffs, the solution evaluates all potential routings from available bullet rates to more complex multi-factor combinations of outport arbitraries, alternate port-to-port rates, and inlands.
After evaluating other products, BOSS International found that Rate Explorer was the only solution that could calculate complete and accurate bottom-line costs that included all output arbitraries, inlands and assessorials from their carrier's governing tariffs.