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Synonyms for arbitrament

the act of deciding as an arbiter

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(Darwin 2004, 665) While he notes that "the arbitrament of battle for the possession of the women has long ceased" among civilized peoples, Darwin does acknowledge that a man is more likely to be the rival of other men (2004, 628).
Henry Horwitz et James Oldham rapportent par exemple l'acte entre Thomas Tookie et Thomas Atwood en 1697, deux marchands londoniens qui acceptent de soumettre tout differend a l'arbitrage, posant comine peine la somme de cinq cents livres afin d'executer << the award, order, arbitrament, final end and determination >> formes par deux autres citoyens londoniens (80).
Rather than the outcome, it is the existence of a form of impartial arbitrament that is essential.
"Disillusioned beyond reconciliation" (1986 [1963]: 139) after the demolition of Sophiatown, Bloke registers the possibility that "I, who hate and fear violence, will be forced to appeal to the arbitrament of violence" (120).
Mitchel writes: He knew that millions of his countrymen were hanging upon his lips and secretly praying that he would bring this long agony to the arbitrament of manhood; and his soul sank within him.
weigh with intelligence and candor the many questions that must be submitted to the arbitrament of a popular vote?" (Wilson, 108).
"Such precious gems," he said, "cannot be bought; either they fall to one by the arbitrament of the flashing sword, which is an expression of divine will, or else they come through the grace of mighty monarchs."
"arbitrament" in the agreement) by a three member panel that