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Synonyms for arbitrament

the act of deciding as an arbiter

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He knew that millions of his countrymen were hanging upon his lips and secretly praying that he would bring this long agony to the arbitrament of manhood; and his soul sank within him.
were the necessary consequences of an ill composed government in the first institution, which neither sufficiently declaring in whom consisted that supream authority, which is necessary to the preservation of every Commonwealth, not yet fully determining the right of succession, left a liberty to subjects to enlarge their privileges by force, and to every one, as he had most power, the arbitrament of his own interest.
The voice of the majority saves bloodshed, but it is no less the arbitrament of force than is the decree of the most absolute of despots backed by the most powerful of armies" (Tucker 1893, 426-27).
85) Matthew Bacon definit le terme et la pratique de la maniere suivante : << Arbitrament (Arbitrium, Laudum, Compromissium), or an Award, is the determination of two or more Persons, at the Request of two Parties at least, who are at Variance, for ending the Controversy without publick Authority >> (The Compleat Arbitrator ; or the Law of Awards, 3e ed, Londres (R-U), J Worrall et B Tovey, 1770 a la p 1).
The tone-setting organ of the Deakist party, Pesti naplo, spoke darkly on 17 November of submitting the Black Sea question to "the arbitrament of war" and called for a "holy war" against Russia.