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someone who engages in arbitrage (who purchases securities in one market for immediate resale in another in the hope of profiting from the price differential)

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Arbitrageurs can invest in both assets and act as intermediaries: by exploiting price discrepancies, they facilitate trade among investors, effectively providing liquidity to them.
The DGCX rupee/dollar futures contract is the only exchange-traded rupee futures outside of India, and is witnessing new interest from businesses, arbitrageurs and investors," said Hasham.
At the same time, additional demand/supply is absorbed due to the action of the arbitrageurs.
Part of the policy of the whole bid has been to almost destabilise the register and create a large proportion of hedge fund and other arbitrageurs and people who aren't investors in the company but are more traders in the shares.
In addition to the political headwinds facing Solidere, arbitrageurs moved in on Friday to take advantage of a $3 spread between Solidere's GDR and its locally-listed shares.
The ruppe-dollar contract is favoured among traders, arbitrageurs, importers, exporters, and local businesses," added Malcolm Wall Morris.
MCX-SE platform would be ideal for hedgers, investors and arbitrageurs to take positions against exchange rate fluctuation.
IF you asked bookmakers to name their pet hate, many of them would say arbitrageurs.
Ticket arbitrageurs are using very clever software to circumvent the protections that are supposed to level the playing field for online ticket buyers.
Hedge funds perform the classic functions of speculators and arbitrageurs in contrast to traditional 'long-only' funds, such as mutual funds, which are invested in equities or bonds.
Arbitrageurs integrate the markets for different maturities, incorporating information about expected short rates into bond prices.
We find strong evidence that tax-neutral institutions play the role of short-term arbitrageurs around ex-dividend dates.
These are useful for the financial activists such as investment bankers, arbitrageurs, venture capitalists, company management, and control shareholders.
breed of arbitrageurs that look to build shareholdings in investment trusts
Second, arbitrageurs must be unwilling to police the resulting price inaccuracies.