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someone who engages in arbitrage (who purchases securities in one market for immediate resale in another in the hope of profiting from the price differential)

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Also, the write-in comments suggest the more research is needed in areas regarding costs and advantages of regulatory compliance in domestic versus foreign markets, the emphasis toward cash flow reporting, and the impact of different types of ownership concentration (employee, institutional, arbitragers, insiders, and managers).
Since 1986, Stephen has worked in the financial arena, enjoying success as a lead investor, portfolio manager, market maker, arbitrager and trader in senior debt and equity markets.
a risk arbitrager shareholder of Van Dorn stock, communications
We also want to involve banks, corporate houses including arbitragers, hedgers, traders and investors.
As long-term growth managers, really arbitragers of time, we try to take advantage of these liquidity events," Mr.
After seeing record volumes this year, the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange expects to more than double its trading volume in gold futures contracts next year, reflecting growing demand from retail investors and arbitragers, a senior executive said yesterday.
But, because China's exchange rate and interest rates are inflexible, the CNH-CNY spread persists, and arbitragers are able to reap fat profits at the economy's expense.
Other cases began to make their way to the courts to challenge the bourgeoning number of squatters, prospectors, arbitragers, and experimenters steadily advancing on the vast amount of unclaimed territory often referred to as Cyberia.
Kirzner and others sometimes justify this maneuver by writing as though Kirzner's context is that of some narrow economic model in which multiple arbitragers move the market toward equilibrium.
Arbitragers are finding that they can buy the product from the refineries on the Gulf Coast and have it delivered by train to Chicago in five days.
For example, if the FX basis is greater than zero, arbitragers could borrow dollars unsecured at a relatively low interest rate and then lend the dollars through an FX swap at a relatively higher implied interest rate.
If markets were fully integrated then MNEs would be obliged to charge the same price for the same product in every country, because if they did not then arbitragers would buy up their product in the cheaper markets and export it to the more expensive ones.
Deal hunters will find utility in this search tool, while eBay arbitragers and resellers on the hunt for unique undervalued collectibles are also expected to find use from this new search functionality.
During times of panic selling investors sell stock index futures, while index arbitragers and speculators buy stock index futures.
In the meantime these two takeovers will take another 2 to 3 months to put to bed and the unfortunate consequence of which is that our shares will be at the mercy of arbitragers and market manipulators.