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someone who engages in arbitrage (who purchases securities in one market for immediate resale in another in the hope of profiting from the price differential)

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So an arbitrager might not have enough financing or time to complete an arbitrage, even it is well founded.
68) Today, latency arbitragers use algorithms to create models of great complexity that can involve hundreds of securities in many different markets.
Third, to the extent that investors are systematically irrational, there are rational arbitragers who eliminate their influence on prices.
While Laertes may have tried to return in secret," the King's adept intelligence-gathering network picked up his whereabouts as fast as an arbitrager gone short.
If a LEPO is overpriced then the arbitrager incurs transaction costs in selling the LEPO and buying the share.
This is what happens when companies take their sweet time,'' said Eric Longmire, an arbitrager at Wyser-Pratte & Co.
When x = l for both firm types, the outcomes will be the same since there is no scope for the PM-firm to use its better capital market facilities to increase the skill content of training: the training firm cannot act as an arbitrager because all second period workers are perfectly mobile.
As a risk arbitrager, Rubin was never implicated in the insider trading scandals that put Ivan Boesky and Goldman, Sachs's Robert Freeman in jail.
arbitrager Robert Freeman faces sentencing after pleading guilty to mail fraud in connection with an insider-trading scheme.
Ahab is a nineteenth-century arbitrager, Gordon Gekko on the high seas, an "exaggerated prototype for the male behavior pattern that helped ensure the worldwide dominance of American industry.
The person realizing arbitrage, namely arbitrager, gets a riskless gain by benefiting from the price difference between two markets where transactions in the same time are free.
The implication of this position is that when the exporter hedges through the spot and money markets, he is behaving as an interest arbitrager (as a borrower arbitrager borrowing money in one money market to transfer to another money market as opposed to an owner arbitrager who invests personal funds).
The ticket scalper is more an arbitrager than a speculator in this case.
Concentration refers to institutional power, family ownership, employee interest, manager ownership, insider ownership, and arbitrager holdings.