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a kind of hedged investment meant to capture slight differences in price

practice arbitrage, as in the stock market

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Below are the three necessary conditions required for the arbitrage opportunity to arise:
Chris Green wrote one of the go-to how-to books on the topic, titled "Retail Arbitrage." And he's helped popularize the moniker.
The authors examined 5,478 European football matches and found only 0.18% of games created intra-market arbitrage trades that beat the commission charged.
. Near risk-free trading opportunity: Forex arbitrage trading is considered near risk-free due to the fact that such strategies provide the trader with the opportunity to register profit without having an open currency exposure.
Ha: Interest rate parity does not hold and there exists opportunities for arbitrage.
The apparently advantageous feature of continuous trading and tight arbitrage may sometimes impair the pricing of securities in the underlying portfolio.
In this paper, we prove that the considered financial market does not admit any arbitrage opportunity, but it allows for uncertain volatility.
The relative value sub-index, which includes credit, convertible arbitrage and volatility funds, was the top performer in August, returning 0.8% to beat the HFRX relative value arbitrage index by 61 basis points.
The "arbitrage paradox," initially identified by Grossman and Stiglitz (1976, 1980), argues that the windows for pure arbitrage appear only when they become the most unanticipated by the currency- and/or credit markets.
Arbitrage in the broadest sense of the word means the purchase of a product in one market for immediate sale in another market to take advantage of the price differential between both markets.
Traders have responded to these facts by paying to locate their servers in the same location as exchange servers, utilizing the speed of light to arbitrage price differences at the level of thousandths of a second.
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Since June, three asset management companies have launched arbitrage funds, taking the number of such funds in the Indian market to 14.
Summary: Arbitrage funds make money by gaining from the difference in price of a
Risk arbitrage strategies are designed to profit from the positive spread between the offer and the target firm's stock price that often remains after a takeover attempt announcement.