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a kind of hedged investment meant to capture slight differences in price

practice arbitrage, as in the stock market

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By examining the spot-forward relationship in some specific currency markets and domestic-foreign relationship in corresponding credit markets, the main objectives of this research work are a) to find out the frequency of pure arbitrage conditions; b) to indentify the underlying factors that may lead to the occurrence of pure arbitrage conditions; c) to test the accuracy of the model that we build for predicting the pure arbitrage conditions; and d) to summarize the rules regarding how the changes in exchange rates and interest rates can affect the timings on which the pure arbitrage opportunities occur and end.
The idea behind currency arbitrage is to take advantage of the price differential between spot or cash trades versus the pricing of future or forward value of the same currency.
In the one year ended August 8, the best performing fund in the category was Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund, with returns of 10.
Arbitrage, it is more than important for the given institution to work impartially and transparently.
In combination with Arbitrage Entertainment and Marketing, there should be no doubt that the funding for these projects will be achieved.
It would be easy to assume that arbitrage does not form part of the P3 syllabus, as it involves making a profit from exploiting market price differentials.
Summary paragraph: Does trading in the dark offer arbitrage opportunities?
This sub-fund will provide non-US investors with direct access to GAMCO's merger arbitrage strategy in a UCITS form.
Tax arbitrage "is premised on the fact that a commercial activity is taxable at the usual rate of tax and seeks out differences in tax rules in two (or more) jurisdictions to achieve a tax benefit," according to Feetham (Nottingham Law School, Nottingham Trent U.
It is easy to understand how arbitrageurs can create practical difficulties for bookmakers, but it is hard to accept the argument that arbitrage is self-evidently wrong or that arbitrageurs are self-evidently bad.
Thus, implementing the arbitrage strategy with the DJIA stocks and Diamonds calls for a straightforward rule of starting with one share of each company and then scaling it up to the limit of available investable funds.
That is, the problem of tax arbitrage is concomitant with the existence of non-economic principles of tax law embedded in a system that interprets these rules in a consistent manner.
The balance of arbitrage stock purchases involving stock index futures for the June settlement decreased 1,146.
More often than not, the business case for business-process outsourcing is built almost exclusively on expense reduction through labor arbitrage.
This paper applies arbitrage theory as a means of valuing assets in urban low-income communities.