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Synonyms for arbiter

Synonyms for arbiter

a person, usually appointed, who decides the issues or results, or supervises the conduct, of a competition or conflict

Synonyms for arbiter

someone with the power to settle matters at will

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someone chosen to judge and decide a disputed issue

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But because of the requirement of Republic Act 9347, otherwise known as "An Act Rationalizing The Composition And Functions Of The National Labor Relations Commission," that Labor Arbiters should be appointed to a specific branch, and the prohibition on their assignment to the Office of the Commissioner, Nograles said it appears that such re-assignment could not be effected, to the detriment of the service.
Dickie Arbiter has worked with the Queen for 12 years according to Mirror UK and he has been on the side to witness the fallout of Prince Charles' marriage to the late Princess Diana and his affair with Camilla-Parker Bowles.
Bahraini arbiters wishing to take part should contact the federation on 17-340016 or 39455902.
Perpetrators of hate crimes could become candidates for treatment," the Times explains, "and physicians would become arbiters of how to distinguish 'ordinary prejudice' from pathological bias.
Let's hope these institutions and all political actors--including the media, which plays a significant role in the nation's political transition--demonstrate maturity, so as not to transform the arbiters into arbitrary referees.
Seth Tapper, 115 Allen Street owner and developer, has selected the architectural team of Serge Becker and Derek Sanders, two of New York's leading style arbiters, to design 115 Allen Street, a loft building on the Lower East Side.
The other models involve the state's spending the people's money on what official cultural arbiters like, either at the national level, at the local level, or through private foundations.
Bush and Grover Norquist and all the others of their ilk want to be the arbiters of who will live and survive, and who will not.
Students' perceptions of campus culture depended on individual situations and individual arbiters of the culture.
Nor is there a discussion about how one becomes an arbiter of fame, and how such arbiters determine who is 'in' and who is 'out'.
Designed to meet the needs of attorneys, arbiters, and mediators for information in the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) field, the newsletter covers the latest news, trends, techniques and developments "impacting the world of arbitration and mediation," the company said.
Each fast-read, 8-page issue will cover the very latest news, trends, techniques, and developments impacting the world of arbitration and mediation, to help attorneys, arbiters, and mediators stay fully up to date," Smith said.
His suggestion that the very success of the genteel project among the planters was what gave them the confidence by the Revolutionary era to assume the mantle of cultural arbiters and claim that they were preserving traditional genteel virtues of liberty and equality from a now corrupt England is also a useful corrective of the current view that gentility and republicanism were at odds.
So parents are not to be the arbiters of what is suitable or unsuitable information for their children.
These days, Cronenberg no longer draws outrage from the middlebrow arbiters of "good taste.