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someone who engages in arbitrage (who purchases securities in one market for immediate resale in another in the hope of profiting from the price differential)

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ACA underscored that providing emissions data and sales data for these small categories will breach confidentiality requirements in the California regulation, and urged ARB to "group" together such categories and release the emission and sales data as "miscellaneous regulated categories.
For the primary outcome of cancer recurrence, patients who were randomized to ARB treatment had 7.
More than 85% of the patients were taking one type of ARB, telmisartan.
However, some people develop a cough as a side effect, and the remedy is to switch to an ARB.
The ARB estimates that over its course the rule will prevent at least 4,000 premature deaths statewide and avoid $18 to $26 billion in premature death and health costs.
ARB noted that enforcement efforts were ramped up when it became apparent that some hauling companies and municipalities were failing to comply with the rule.
ARB noted that vehicles using an alternative fuel such as compressed natural gas that does not result in evaporative emissions can qualify without meeting the above requirements, as long as they are certified to the state's super ultra low emissions vehicle (SULEV) standard.
We're trying to show that, to protect public health, we need the ozone standard to be set this low,'' said Gennet Paauwe, spokeswoman for the ARB.
General Motors, DaimlerChrysler and Isuzu sued ARB in 2001 (backed by the Bush administration) primarily because they didn't want to build thousands of battery powered "zero-emission" cars in the 2003 model year.
IT is unusual for there to be an arb on total goals, but that is what we have on the opening prices for tonight's televised First Division promotion clash between Nottingham Forest and Wolves.
The ARB market segment is the fastest growing class of antihyperintensive medications in the United States.
All fixed-dose combinations of an ARB plus hydrochiorothiazide were more cost effective than using an ARB alone, based on the cost per millimeter of mercury of systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as the cost per percentage of response rate.
ARB researchers also began looking at pollutant levels inside school buses.
ARB is the resident dance company of the New Brunswick Cultural Center, Princeton's McCarter Theatre, and Newark's New Jersey Performing Arts Center.
Like other accounting pronouncements of its day, ARB 51 was written in terms of presumptions, suggestions, and descriptions of practice rather than in the more prescriptive language of today's standards.