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any of various plants of the genus Aralia

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Some are shrubby and others are arboreal but, in the predictable manner of aralias, all are numbered among the most shade-tolerant of species.
Japanese aralia (Fatsia japonica) is strictly for shade and has large, deeply lobed leaves to prove it.
Equally, the value of Vadra's apartments in Aralias and Magnolias has ramped up substantively.
Though the DLF offer document gives a price of ` 2,373 to ` 2,548 per sq feet, Vadra paid a handsome ` 12,000 per sq ft, buying the 10,000 sq ft flat in Aralias for ` 11.
Similarly, a 10,000 sq feet apartment in DLF Aralias is shown to be purchased for ` 89 lakh when its market price at the time of purchase in 2010 was ` 20 crore," they said in a written statement.