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any of various strong liquors distilled from the fermented sap of toddy palms or from fermented molasses

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Vincent Douret, Alstom's plenipotentiary representative in Iran, made the remarks in a meeting with Governor General of Markazi Province Mahmoud Zamani Qomi and Majlis deputy from Arak Mehdi Moqaddasi, reported Irna.
The first phase of operation for redesigning Arak heavy water reactor, which has been renamed Khandab has already been finished and approved by the foreign observers from China and the US while we have entered the second phase," Kamalvandi added.
Sets four and five helped Kingsmith develop a margin of 99 points with comfortable four-game wins for Stott and Arak over Hamza and Gabriel respectively.
Redesign of the Arak heavy water reactor is a core aspect of the plan on the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.
It is a turning point in redesigning and modernization of Arak heavy water reactor.
Like most other refining centres, Arak was developed as an industrial zone including a refinery and a petrochemical complex producing ethylene, PVC, HDPE, polypropylenes, etc (see down16IranPetchm20Apr15).
After the deal came into force in January, Iran reduced by two-thirds the number of uranium enrichment centrifuges, slashed its uranium stockpile and removed the core of the Arak reactor.
Pendant que l'ensemble des participants vantent les merites de la Federation algerienne des sports mecaniques sur l'amelioration de l'organisation, le bon deroulement de la deuxieme edition du Rallye d'Algerie [beaucoup moins que] Challenge Sahari International [beaucoup plus grand que] est relativement entache par l'emergence d'un desaccord entre la FASM et son partenaire Arak Sport Organisation.
Summary: With the war in Syria edging closer to its sixth-year, Lebanon's arak distilleries watch developments closely.
Iran has removed the sensitive core of its Arak nuclear reactor and UN inspectors will visit the site on Thursday to verify the move crucial to the implementation of Tehran's atomic agreement with major powers, state television said on Thursday.
Iran has removed the core of its heavy water nuclear reactor at Arak and filled it with cement as part of its efforts to fulfill its obligations under the nuclear deal finalized in July, the country's official (http://en.
TAHRAN (CyHAN)- An Iranian MP said the country is capable of reactivating the Arak reactor within six months, if the US sanctions on the Islamic Republic are not lifted.
Arak Ah, man, maybe where we're standing will be in the water.
Iran would be given light-water nuclear reactors to replace its almost completed heavy-water nuclear facility at Arak, which if completed will be able to produce several nuclear weapons each year.
NNA - Iran sees "no more room" for negotiations on the design of its Arak reactor, Tehran's nuclear chief said, refusing to give ground on a key issue in international negotiations.