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a morbid fear of spiders

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I'M NOT an arachnophobe and I'm not scared of mice, so the news that an army of giant house spiders said to be as big as mice is apparently on the march into North Wales homes doesn't scare me.
Of course, some people have to face their phobias on a more regular basis than an arachnophobe.
Trust us, even arachnophobes among you will love it 8&9 FOOD The Castle in Aberaeron is officially a 'Great Little Place' and you could win dinner, bed and breakfast for two there.
Spider Seduction," a mixed-media work by Belgium's Pascale Bernier, may have given goosebumps to any arachnophobes in the house.
Arachnophobes might wish to stay clear, but all others are invited to hear Lewis & Clark College biology professor Greta Binford give a lecture on the evolution of spider venom at 7:30 p.
Fun and unusual, even arachnophobes can indulge in this quirky print trend.
Vegetarian spider Identified (Page 21), which possibly will ameliorate irrational fears exhibited by Ron Weasley and other arachnophobes.
AS ONLOOKERS were delighted by the arrival of La Machine in Liverpool yesterday, an anxiety support group said that "little thought" had been given to the distress a giant spider could cause arachnophobes.
The beauty of certain webs early in the morning with dew on them can't help but appeal even to arachnophobes, a topic dealt with in Chapter 9 entitled Spiders and Humans.
Next week, they must contend with an army of creepy, venomous bugs the size of bassinets and a killer centipede that could swallow five or six grown men whole (for arachnophobes, this episode is a queasy delight).
At Cambodian restaurant Romdeng, no arachnophobes are welcome.
Arachnophobes in the West Midlands are being given an opportunity to overcome their fear at a series of special events.
Squeamish arachnophobes may find these close-up colorful photographs hard to handle.
But Sarah took her courage - and a spider - in both hands as one of 15 arachnophobes who attended a therapy session led by hypnotist Tony Rae.
Arachnophobes, listen up: Despite their creepy-crawly reputation, most household spiders are perfectly harmless to you.