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a morbid fear of spiders

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The male spiders are said to sample the silk that females leave behind when they've made a web to see if it's from the same species, so the advice to arachnophobes and anyone not wanting unwanted creepy crawly house guests is to dust and clean regularly to prevent them being attracted to your home.
The beauty of certain webs early in the morning with dew on them can't help but appeal even to arachnophobes, a topic dealt with in Chapter 9 entitled Spiders and Humans.
This may not be a good decision as Alina becomes embroiled in a plot involving the quite disgustingly spider like queen of fae, I must admit this arachnophobe found several parts of the book a trifle challenging to read so if spiders are your pet hate this might not be one for you.
Arachnophobe Bobby panicking to Stevi: "There's a spider up there.
The leg spin legend made the mistake of telling people at Sportingbet that he is an arachnophobe, following which the company decided to play a trick on him.
The spiders spinning down on me in that layout were not fun for this arachnophobe, but that was nothing compared to a pal's experience.
I'm sure they also produced many a juvenile arachnophobe.
An admitted arachnophobe for much of his life, Ehlen has nonetheless conquered his fear and collected lots of spiders, including a sample of the world's largest - a big, brown Goliath tarantula that's about the size of an outstretched human hand.
As one arachnophobe once said to me, "I don't care if they're poisonous Doc, just to see one will give me a heart attack.
Arachnophobe Martine, of Kingswood, South Glos, said: "The spider's owner said there were two in the box but only one escaped - I don't believe him.
It doesn't feel threatening in any way, even if you are an arachnophobe.
He recently worked with an arachnophobe who burst into tears if a spider was in the room.
Of course, some people have to face their phobias on a more regular basis than an arachnophobe.
AND The One Show going to the trouble of putting a blindfold and earmuffs on arachnophobe Claudia Winkleman so she could avoid a piece about spiders.
Environment reporter and arachnophobe MARY GRIFFIN hears we could be happier in our homes if we learn to appreciate our eight-legged friends.