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In another study acoustic neuroma accounts for about 85% of CP angle tumors (being the most common one) which is followed by meningioma (3-13%), epidermoids (2-6%) and arachnoid cyst being (1%).
Cervical Intradural Ventral Arachnoid Cyst Resected Via Anterior Corpectomy With Reconstruction: A Case Report.
Howevr an arachnoid cyst will never demonstrate diffusion restriction nor demonstrate enhancement and only rarely may have a small septation.
Although we had few cases of encephalocele, arachnoid cyst, and hydranencephaly but they were more frequently reported by others13.
Detection of a dural defect by cinematic magnetic resonance imaging and its selective closure as a treatment for a spinal extradural arachnoid cyst.
Despite the potential explanations above, the exact etiology of the clinical picture remains unclear in our case due to the presence of several probable causative factors (such as meningoencephalitis, cerebrovascular accident, arachnoid cyst and epilepsy), all of which have been reported to be associated with KBS.
It took almost two years to get to the bottom of things and realise that even though I had an arachnoid cyst it was insignificant and something I may have been born with.
6% had abnormalities requiring routine referral; and 2% had abnormalities requiring urgent referral, including arachnoid cyst, arteriovenous malformation (surgically removed), and possible Huntington's disease (ruled out on follow-up).
She discussed the case of a 26-week-old fetus with a large arachnoid cyst that was referred to her clinic to check for possible schizencephaly, Ultrasound showed "what looked like a very large cyst pushing the ventricles [in the brain] aside," she said.
Maria has a two-year-old son with hydrocephalus, agenesis of the corpus collusum, an arachnoid cyst, CP, and brain damage and is looking to speak with parents of children who share some of the same conditions with her son.
I personally would have considered it a prominent subarachnoid space rather than a true arachnoid cyst but as it has been named an arachnoid cyst by three of the country's leading neuroradiologsts.
Nonneoplastic lesions diagnosed were 8 cases of abscess and 3 cystic lesions diagnosed as arachnoid cyst.
An arachnoid cyst can have attenuation and signal intensity similar to the cerebrospinal fluid.