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Synonyms for arachnoid

the middle of the 3 meninges

relating to or resembling a member of the class Arachnida

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Schwannoma and arachnoid cyst which showed perfect agreement with 100% sensitivity.
The development of a SDH from a rupture is associated with direct interaction of the aneurysm with the basal arachnoid membrane(5).
The subdural space is localized between the most inner segment of the dura mater a very tough tissue composed of 80 layers of web-shaped collagen fibers that that run in multiple directions and the arachnoid mater composed of several cellular planes connected by desmosome-type specialized narrow intercellular bonds that make it the primary barrier against the passage of substances.
In our case, the key imaging feature was the osseous stalk arising from the basisphenoid portion of the clivus, which is considered a morphologic hallmark of EP and is absent in other retroclival lesions, such as dermoids, epidermoids, arachnoid cysts, and neuroenteric cysts.
Meningiomas are benign tumours arising from arachnoid cells and mostly located in the intracranial compartment.
She had undergone noncontrast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which revealed 2 arachnoid cysts that were deemed not clinically relevant.
The involvement of leptomeninges, which involve arachnoid and soft brain membrane, is the most frequent finding on recordings, present in about 40 per cent of patients with neurosarcoidosis.
The deposition of GAGs in the meninges impairs the function of arachnoid granulations, leading to abnormal CSF reabsorption.
I may as well get a job repossessing houses, so heartless am I to the arachnoid community, bulldozing their bricks and mortar.
A 7 mm incision to a rabbit's inferior vena cava can be fatal, but by applying nanosheets to the bleeding area, we succeeded in quick hemostasis in all the rabbits (wounds to the lungs, digestive tract and the brain's arachnoid membrane can also be simply covered by applying nanosheets).
The brain is surrounded by a membrane called the arachnoid and bathed in cerebral spinal fluid (CSF).
The differential diagnosis of cerebral hydatid cyst disease ranges from simple benign cysts such as porencephalic cyst and arachnoid cyst, infectious causes such as cavitary tuberculosis, mycoses, pyogenic abscesses, and finally cystic neoplasms.
His areas of interest include pediatric spasticity, pediatric head and neck injury, pediatric arachnoid cysts and epilepsy, hydrocephalus, pediatric brain and spinal cord tumors, craniosynostosis, congenital malformations, spina bifida, Chiari malformation and pediatric arteriovenous malformations.
1%) with encephalocele, arachnoid cysts, hydranencephaly and 01 each with exencephaly and holoprosencephaly.