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STARRING ROLE: Grug; played a psychic woman vicar in S4C's Arachnid series; KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY: Grug's three sons Tom, Jack and Harry, all have parts in Fondue, Rhyw a Deinosors.
* What is one example of an arachnid adaptation that benefits humans?
James Ship, an expert at Stratford Butterfly Farm, which also houses arachnids, said if bitten by the spider "you would have about six hours' worth of pain".
The Brazilian Wandering spider has been classed as the world's most venomous arachnid in the Guinness Book Of World Records since 2010.
The Mexican red rump, or B vagans in Latin, was made famous in Jack Arnold's 1955 sci-fi movie Tarantula, where an illadvised scientific experiment leads to a giant arachnid breaking out of captivity and terrorizing the Arizona desert.
I don't like spiders, so it's with great surprise that I find myself reading and re-reading the definitive guide to arachnids in Cyprus.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Stunning images of a 305-million-year-old harvestman fossil reveal ancestors of the modern-day arachnids had two sets of eyes rather than one.
About Arachnid Games: Arachnid Games is a San Francisco independent game developer whose founders are Leo Dasso and Jacob Lorentzen.
of Manchester) are both lifelong arachnid enthusiasts and specialists in fossil arachnids.
Gloves & the long legged arachnid like feet emerging as if
9 October 2012 a[euro]" French advertising major Publicis Groupe SA (EPA:PUB) said on Tuesday it had taken over Malaysian digital agency Arachnid, in a move that added substantial scale to its digital capabilities in the Asia Pacific region.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 9, 2012-Publicis boosts digital business in Asia-Pacific with buy of Arachnid agency(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Horizon: Playing God BBC2, Tuesday, 9.30pm Mixing arachnid DNA with another creature is the stuff of science fiction...
The ants have been gone ever since; except for what appears to be either "ant crumbs" or daddy longlegs poo that is in a neat pile underneath where the arachnid hangs out.