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Vegetation structure can have a marked influence on the distribution of arachnid fauna through the provision of suitable microhabitats, including the availability of suitable refuges and appropriate substrata for web attachment (Wise 1993; Indicatti et al.
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Here we present a comparison of 18S structures sampled from arachnid orders and spider lineages to assess the utility of secondary structure information currently available for making homology judgments across arachnid taxa, and for determining data partitions used in model-based analyses.
Although arachnid sociality at all levels of complexity is uncommon, sociality has been applied to describe behaviors ranging from transient early parental care (Laniatores opilionids: Machado & Raimundo 2001; Machado 2002; Uropygids: Schmidt 2003), to "subsocial" mother-offspring-sibling associations that last for brief periods (spiders: Kim 2000; Schneider 1995; scorpions: Polis & Lourenco 1986), "subsocial" associations that last until sexual maturity (spider mites: Saito 1997; Mori & Saito 2005; amblypygids: this manuscript), to the complex multiple adult societies of the most social of the colonial and cooperative spiders (reviews in Buskirk 1981; Aviles 1997; Whitehouse & Lubin 2005) (see Tables 1-3 for details).
The arachnid is actually quite clumsy when it comes to biting people, though it is a very capable eater of midges and flies.
This documentary explores fascinating facts about the agile arachnid as it stalks, attacks and kills its prey.
Still, the bulk of species falls into more familiar categories: at least 96,406 insects, centipedes, and millipedes; 37,800 fungi; 15,320 flowering plants; 9,557 spiders and their arachnid relatives; 7,500 mollusks; 6,000 flatworms; and 4,900 vertebrates.
A giant arachnid put on display in the high school gym comes back to life.
This will be a tricky weekend when pots should pass the PS400,000 mark and the Arachnid believes that course and distance winner DON'T CALL ME has a huge chance in the Betfair International Handicap.
By what title was the politician and prison reformer arachnid family?
That arachnid actor was a Steatoda grossa, a fat brown spider with long, thin legs that was painted blue and red for the movie.
New drama included the surreal comedy Fondue, Rhyw a Deinosors and sci-fi series Arachnid for younger audiences.
Although the young Ioan did not make Grug, pronounced OEGr-ee-g, weak at the knees she did end up falling for a fellow actor during filming her starring role as a psychic woman vicar in S4C's X-Files-style series, Arachnid.
The Arachnid anticipates that Irish eyes will be smiling after the big race with a duel likely between unbeaten Emerald Isle stars BATTLE OF MARENGO and DAWN APPROACH.
Spider-Man,'' with Tobey Maguire as the reluctant arachnid hero, bolted from the gate last May with $114.