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the quality of land that is appropriate for cultivation

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It added that there currently needs to be strategic planning to guarantee the arability of energy by starting different initiatives to include renewable sources of energy.
6] Soil drying coupled with irregular rainfall caused by rising temperatures, particularly in the western regions, severely limits arability of land and agricultural production, potentially crippling subsistence farming communities already prone to geopolitical and economic marginalisation.
The main territorial peculiar feature of the three river basins, which are substantiated as the result of cluster analysis is the underlying risk for erosion advancing due to high arability and low forest cover, therewith the qualitative evaluation shows that the condition of the agricultural lands is at the middle (types I and II) and high (types IIIa and IIIb) level.
Wael al-Halqi stressed the necessity of arability to war conditions by rationalizing expenditure, combating administrative and financial corruption and ensuring durable productivity of institutions.
Less than ideal arability of local soils, availability of water, and other climatic factors can sometimes make local sites impractical for farming.
Nesrin Rihani, Arabic teacher, said that student mainly comes from different job group, which their aim is to increase their Arabic arability to help their trade relation.