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marked by or affected with tremors

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Have you ever seen an angry cat--back arched, hissing with muscles all aquiver, pupils dilated, hair on end, claws extended, and ready to attack or beat a hasty retreat at any minute?
Obama himself is all aquiver working on his speech, probably to be delivered next week, eager to speak softly and carry small convictions made of strawberry Jell-O.
Matt, 27, left grown women - and ones who could do with a pie or three - all aquiver.
JOHN Prescott, heavy chops aquiver, a bead of sweat coursing down his nose, tells us he's accepting a seat in the Lords because wife Pauline fancies a Lady Prescott handle.
Celebrity Big Brother: The Launch Channel 4, 9pm Reality fans will be standing by their TVs and getting all aquiver as the mother of them all makes a return to the small screen.
Wait until you get somebody who goes angsting around, all aquiver with outraged indignation over the deletion of a comma," he warned.
We are not very well prepared right now," said Ljubisa Tumbakovic, coach of the Chinese champions with the not-so-catchy name of Shandong Luneng Taishan, in a comment not exactly calculated to set fans aquiver with anticipation.
BRAVE Susan Pevensie sets fans' hearts aquiver as she fires an arrow at baddies in the spectacular new Narnia film.
I was all aquiver from the feel of his hand on my head.
Every leaf was aquiver, twisting and turning on its flexible petiole, flashing silver when its whitish underside caught the glancing light from the water-the whole tree a green and silver symphony of graceful movement.
His eyes mist over, setting aquiver the monument to the last mayor of the city to be freely elected, sometime around the beginning of the century.
Bottom lip aquiver, Dan asks if he can call him back.
He is puzzled by the phrase "mercury mouth" which he opines may signify "a death-dealing poison" without once considering that it may be the tremulous skittering of spilled mercury that is meant; in other words, the sad-eyed lady's mouth is aquiver.
Every now and then there's a botanical breakthrough that sets the plant world aquiver.
The shocks set church bells aquiver in Boston, 1,600 km from the epicenter.