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underground bed or layer yielding ground water for wells and springs etc

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More than 200 million people would face some kind of water scarcity if the aquifer were completely depleted.
In particular, the CSRIA/Odessa Aquifer Irrigators' "Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief" states that ECBID's "normative cost" and "development fee" scheme is illegal, as it directly counters Washington State irrigation law regarding cost assessments.
And after 27 days, the Liwa aquifer will reach its full, planned capacity of five billion gallons of water, which will be used only in case of extreme emergency.
It highlights three different methods to aquifer recharge - aquifer storage and recovery; aquifer storage transfer and recovery and aquifer recharge and recovery.
The different techniques involve water that is re-injected back into the aquifer for later recovery, whether it is used by a single well, stored for a prolonged period and pumped through another well, enabling natural treatment or built with infrastructure or an existing landscape, such as a wadi, to enhance groundwater infiltration, also enabling natural treatment.
The adopted Water Resources Management Strategy called for the implementation of a large full-scale Aquifer Storage and Recovery project to store San Juan-Chama water in the aquifer
The report reveals that 60% of TSE could be stored in the aquifer and used at a later time through various approaches, highlighting three different methods to aquifer recharge - aquifer storage and recovery; aquifer storage transfer and recovery and aquifer recharge and recovery.
Sandra Postel wrote here last month that the Ogallala Aquifer water level in the Texas Panhandle has dropped by up to 15 feet in the past decade, with more than three-quarters of that loss having come during the drought of the past five years.
Caption: Project Coordinator of the Groundwater Resources Governance in Transboundary Aquifers: Stampriet Kalahari/ Karoo Aquifer Project, Ivica Trumbic giving a presentation at the workshop.
Arsenic has infiltrated an aquifer that provides water for the Vietnamese capital Hanoi, scientists said Wednesday, warning that the phenomenon could also occur elsewhere.
But fresh scientific studies have just authoritatively confirmed earlier warnings that the high natural radiation contamination levels of the ancient water deposits held by the aquifer pose a significant mass cancer risk.
It's a deep aquifer of significant proportions, but they haven't been quantified yet and the next step is to carry out the necessary studies to see its real potential for sustainable extraction," Ramon Aguirre, director of the Sistema de Aguas de la Ciudad de Mexico, said in a radio interview.
A footprint larger than its aquifer means people are using water faster than it can be replenished, Gleeson says.
A new aquifer, called Ohangwena II, has been found in northern Namibia.
Transmmissivity is widely employed in groundwater hydraulics; it is known to be the rate at which water of a prevailing kinematics viscosity is transmitted through a unit width of aquifer under a unit hydraulic gradient.