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produced by the action of water


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In the new process developed, the composite EPS foam is produced by foaming an expandable aqueous suspension using microwave heating.
mellonella following the methodology of Kaya and Stock (1997) and maintained in an aqueous suspension at 16 [+ or -] 1[grados]C up to 1 week before using the EPNs in the experiment.
The tubes were kept under continuous rotary agitation for 48 hours to maintain aqueous suspension during the experimental time.
As described earlier, the stability of the aqueous suspension of Ti[O.
Newly hatched chicks (Gallus gallus domesticus) were either sprayed with an aqueous suspension of Eimeria oocysts or were allowed to ingest feed containing Eimeria oocysts-incorporated gel-beads.
02% tacrolimus aqueous suspension on tear production in dogs with kerato-conjunctivitis sicca.
Methods: Ambient nPM collected near an urban freeway was transferred to aqueous suspension and reaerosolized for 10-week inhalation exposure of mice or directly applied to rat brain cell cultures.
MST is currently used in the Actinide Removal Process (ARP) at the Savannah River Site in a batch contact process in which the solid is added as an aqueous suspension to the waste solution in a well-mixed reactor.
Product Declared formulation potency BioUel Aqueous suspension 960 ITU/mg(1) Teknar Aqueous suspension 3000 AAU/mg(2) Vectobac AS Aqueous suspension 1200 ITU/mg Bthorus Aqueous suspension 1200 ITU/mg (1)Aedes aegypti Units; (2)International toxic unit; Source: Vilarinhos et al.
This palmitate ester of paliperidone is an aqueous suspension utilizing nanocrystal molecules.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers at Iran University of Science and Technology have been able to develop a stable aqueous suspension slurry containing nanometric black carbon with high solid percentage.