aqueous solution

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a solution in water

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com) to provide a collection of four carefully curated databases of experimental pKa values in aqueous solution.
Yeoung-Sang, Removal of Basic Blue 3 from Aqueous Solution by Corynebacterium glutamicum Biomass: Biosorption and Precipitation Mechanisms, Korean J.
Baloutzov, Use of an Activated Carbon from Antibiotic Waste for the Removal of Hg (II) from aqueous solution.
The adsorption experiment indicated that both adsorbents were effective in removing methylene blue from aqueous solution.
The degradation of triazo dye chlorantine fast green BLL in aqueous solution by gamma radiation III.
Removal of cadmium(II) and zinc(II) metal ions from binary aqueous solution by rice husk ash.
A half fraction factorial Central Composite Design (CCD), with sixteen cube point runs, ten axial point runs and 6 replications at the centre point leading to a total number of 32 experiments were employed for the optimization of parameters for removal of CV dye from aqueous solution.
The results confirm the finding from the first study showing that a 2% aqueous solution of SBG has good wound healing capability.
The weight losses of experimental material for system of aqueous solution inclusive 0.
As the absorber is working under vacuum pressure, the membrane pores are filled with water vapor, while the hydrophobic nature of the membrane prevents penetration of the aqueous solution into the pores.
PATCH--Power Activated Technology for Conductor Healing--is an applied aqueous solution or an inner insulation layer that enables powered wires to self-heal conductors exposed by damaged insulation.
60 as measured by a formula below when ion exchange water is used as an aqueous solution of a constant salt concentration: (salt concentration absorption index)=(absorbency for an aqueous solution of a constant salt concentration against a pressure of 4.
with or without ferrous ions to form liquefied CCA-treated wood (b) adding water or an aqueous solution of an organic solvent to the liquefied CCA-treated wood with stirring to obtain an aqueous solution of liquefied CCA-treated wood (c) adding complexing or precipitating agents, such as phosphoric acid or calcium hydroxide to the aqueous solution of step (b) thereby precipitating insoluble heavy metal complexes or precipitates and forming a solution of detoxified CCA-treated wood (d) separating said heavy metal complexes or precipitates from the solution of detoxified liquefied CCA-treated wood and (e) isolating chromated copper arsenate from said heavy metal complex or precipitate.
Pieces include Damien Hirst's Ethidium Bromide Aqueous Solution, Francis Bacon's Study for a Portrait of John Edwards, Henry Moore's Mother and Child, David Hockney's The Church Tower and the Clock and Lucian Freud's Head of a Woman.