aqueous solution

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a solution in water

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The small positive [DELTA]S indicated that the adsorption resulted in an increase in system randomness as MB molecules were removed from aqueous solution onto the solid surfaces.
3] Santhi Thirumalisamy, Manonmani Subbian, 2010, "Removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution by activated carbon prepared from the peel of cucumis sativa fruit by adsorption", Bioresources 5(1), 419-437.
2, which was similar to the mechanism in references (27), (28), To improve the dispersion of CB in aqueous solution, CB was pretreated by means of SDBS that was adsorbed onto the surface or into pores of CB, and the hydrophilic and oleophilic features of CB were improved.
The results for aqueous solution of NaCl can be considered as expected.
2]O absorber application, due to the hydrophobicity of the membrane, the aqueous solution cannot enter the membrane pores, while at the vapor side, the vapor enters the pore and a liquid-vapor interface is formed at the pore mouths on the solution side.
On show: Damien Hirst's Ethidium Bromide Aqueous Solution
Pre-treatment conditions comprise cold water or an aqueous solution of about 0.
Also on display, the Lewis Nearfield System uses magnetorestrictive transducers to produce sound vibrations in an aqueous solution.
It is an aqueous solution containing a viscosity agent and an emulsifier.
aeruginosa was applied to the samples in three forms--as an aqueous solution, on filter paper, or on agar (a gel).
In this study, the effectiveness of Anachmis (elodea) in absorbing copper ions out of aqueous solution was investigated.
has available an aqueous solution of cationic, water soluble polyamide/epichlorohydrin polymer that reacts with paper cellulose and self-cross links on drying to impart excellent bleedfastness, or resistance to water, detergents and alcohol.
com/research/4l9v8j/ammonia) has announced the addition of the "Ammonia, Anhydrous And In Aqueous Solution Market in United States: Business Report 2012" report to their offering.
Contract award: gradual delivery chloride aqueous solution of polyaluminum hydroxide to the needs of the department of water production "miedwie" and the wastewater treatment plant "pomorzany" and "psus".