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produced by the action of water


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Given the presence of anterior uveitis and the markedly shallow anterior chamber in this owl, potential mechanisms for ocular hypertension were considered to be altered aqueous humor flow within the trabecular meshwork (secondary to anterior uveitis) or at the pupil (caused by pupillary block), aqueous misdirection and expansion of the vitreous body (malignant glaucoma), or some combination of these mechanisms, as is often the case in cats.
Assuming that aqueous misdirection was involved in the pathogenesis of the ocular hypertension seen in this bird, it is interesting to consider potential causes for this apparently transient change.
Although a definitive diagnosis of aqueous misdirection was not made in this owl, a shallow anterior chamber due to anterior displacement of the lens-iris diaphragm, as well as a rapid correction of ocular hypertension and anterior chamber depth in response to mannitol and dorzolamide were highly supportive of this diagnosis.