aqueous humour

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the limpid fluid within the eyeball between the cornea and the lens

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AQUEOUS HUMOUR is a visu" performance company that creates bouon-style physical spectacles using satire and surreal characters that engage and interact with their audiences.
Aqueous humour is constantly produced in the eye and it exits through the space between the iris and the cornea, called the drainage angle, so it's in constant circulation.
The uveoscleral route drains only 10% of the aqueous humour.
IOP reflects the balance between aqueous humour production and drainage.
Research fellow, Dr Julia Lim, told OT that: "We cultured rat lenses in artificial aqueous humour under low oxygen conditions to mimic the 'natural' environment that the lens would sit in.
frequently culminate in loss of eye vision as a result of endophthalmitis, anterior chamber collapse and glaucoma or chronic leakage of aqueous humour, leading to atrophy of ciliary body and phthisis bulbi (Felberg, 2003).
AbstractAcute angle closure glaucoma is a sight-threatening situation characterized by a sudden and marked rise in intraocular pressure (IOP) due to obstruction of aqueous humour outflow.
The effect of RNAi-mediated increase in the permeability of SCEC will be assessed using aqueous humour outflow measurement methods and we will also explore the utility of high resolution and diffusion-weighted MRI for this purpose, which may prove to be a simpler, non-invasive and clinically relevant method.
In which organ of the body is the aqueous humour found?
The disease is caused by defects in the aqueous humour outflow vessels in the anterior chamber of the eye.
The worm was expelled out along with a flow of aqueous humour.
Vitamin C is found in high concentrations in the aqueous humour and is believed to protect the eye against the damaging effects of oxidation.
The research is based around the development of Schelmm's canal, which provides a channel for almost half of the outflow of aqueous humour from the eye.
The long term effect of chronic hyperglycaemia has been shown to result in myopic shifts, due to the influx of water from the aqueous humour into the crystalline lens.
1) It can be broadly categorised into two main types: open angle or angle closure glaucoma depending on whether aqueous humour has access to the trabecular meshwork.