aqueous humour

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the limpid fluid within the eyeball between the cornea and the lens

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AQUEOUS HUMOUR is a visu" performance company that creates bouon-style physical spectacles using satire and surreal characters that engage and interact with their audiences.
On the other hand, decreased glucose concentration in the aqueous humour could also cause a transient difference in osmotic pressure between the aqueous humour and crystalline lens.
They reduce IOP by either slowing the rate of aqueous humour formation or increasing aqueous outflow.
The amount of fluid within the eye, which is determined by the balance of aqueous humour production and drainage
We know this is how the aqueous humour leaves the eye so the finding sheds light on the biological processes involved and may lead to new drug targets"
This article continues from the previous article in this series, by outlining the complications that occur in the aqueous humour, iris, pupil, lens and refractive state of people with DM.
The role of the aqueous humour in the anterior chamber is threefold: it provides nutrients to the crystalline lens and corneal endothelium, removes metabolic waste by-products and maintains an intraocular pressure (IOP) to keep the eye inflated.
The following two chapters introduce the reader to aqueous humour dynamics and how the pathophysiology of glaucomatous damage occurs in terms of the mechanical and vascular theories of damage.
The riboflavin in the cornea is activated by this exposure whilst the riboflavin that has entered the aqueous humour protects the internal structures (such as the lens and retina) from the effects of UV light.
The aqueous humour transmits most infrared except in a few selected regions where it absorbs.