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an etching made by a process that makes it resemble a water color

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a method of etching that imitates the broad washes of a water color

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etch in aquatint

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Brisk Day" (1990) repeats the same image of Ada in three distinct printing techniques (woodblock, aquatint, and screenprint).
I think of several printed with utmost simplicity and depth of conviction by Georges Rouault in his great folio of aquatints, "Miserere et Guerre" ("Mercy and War"), completed in 1927 but not published until after World War II.
B Williams will show a selection of 16th to 19th century county maps, town plans, sea charts and topographical engravings, lithographs and aquatints.
Each printing process appears under a classification scheme of numbered entries: for example, soft ground etchings appear in section 15, mezzotints in 16, and aquatints in 17.
Remaining on view here through July 26 are three shows: Humanity in Black and White, a juried photography exhibition; A New Town: Photographs by Steven Katzman; and Elizabeth Stevens: Etchings and Aquatints.
The works, which began to take form in Mexico in the 1980s, include oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, and aquatints.
Shades of color seen on some etchings are called aquatints and are made by the action of acid eating around minute acid-resistant particles applied to the plate.
Walmsley, coloured aquatints, some tears at edges, framed, 500 mm by 615 mm (two pieces)
The watercolour was among a collection which formed the models for a famous set of aquatints, the work of engraver Francis Jukes, published by Thomas Martyn in 1788.
Aspen, four color aquatints with burnishing representing the colors from an aspen tree during each of the four seasons, by Anne Appleby.
The entire gamut of printmaking processes is represented: lithographs, etchings, screen prints, aquatints, woodcuts, and linocuts.
A recent exhibit of Thrash's work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art featured his carborundum prints, his etchings, lithographs, aquatints and watercolors.
With the exception of a group of linoleum cuts done in the late 1930s and another series of aquatints, his printmaking activities took the form of book illustration.
The complete folio of Bodmer's aquatints from the expidition will be there: 81 prints priced from $700 to more than $30,000.
Also included in the group is Les Damnations, a portfolio of 63 pages and 11 etchings and aquatints, signed by the artist (estimate: $6,500-7,500).