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an etching made by a process that makes it resemble a water color

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a method of etching that imitates the broad washes of a water color

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etch in aquatint

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She says that the most sought-after prints by Picasso, at the very top end of the market, are as follows: La femme qui pleure; La Minotauromachie; one of the 27 impressions of his first print, Le repas frugal (1904) on old Japan paper (the auction record for this etching is 1,945,250 [pounds sterling], achieved at Christie's London last June); Portrait de jeune fille, d'apres Cranach le Jeune (a 1958 linocut, an unsigned example of which sold for $572,500 in a modern art sale at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers in May); Femme au tambourin (1939); Femme a la fenetre (1952; aquatint and etching; an example sold for $170,500 at Phillips de Pury New York, in 2010); L'Egyptienne (1953), and a rare, complete Vollard Suite (1930-37; one sold last year at Galerie Bern for 2.
The best known example is her extensive series of etchings and aquatints illustrating traditional nursery rhymes, which bring out all the darkness latent in these stories of young girls threatened by spiders or what-have-you.
His lithographs, etchings, drypoints, lino cuts, woodcuts and aquatints were all experiments aimed at pushing the boundaries further and further.
He moved away from stencils and photographic transfers to pure aquatint, beginning the plate sometimes out in the landscape.
40 Wolverhampton A British painter (1792-1867) and aquatint engraver noted for his coach, foxhunting and equine scenes.
The prints employ a unifying blackness, created by a brilliant use of aquatint, that Hughes insightfully describes as "deep, thick, mysterious .
The resulting image has fluidity of line, with suggestive textures of grainy tone pro-duced by aquatint, a fine dust-like resin which can be applied a number of times.
Combining a wide variety of techniques, including lift-ground aquatint, etching and drypoint, Picasso produced images of great clarity, immediacy and beauty.
IMPORTANT WORK John Cage - Hayward Touring VISUAL TREAT Photoetching with engraving, drypoint and aquatint
All of these artists created bold compositions using the medium of collagraphs, photo etching, stamped, etching, aquatint, spit-bite, dry point and mixed media.
1) The works that Mellon purchased from Abbey are described in the printed bibliographies of the collection: Life in England in Aquatint and Lithography, 1770-1860: Architecture, Drawing Books, Art Collections, Magazines, Navy and Army, Panoramas, etc.
His etching and aquatint Sheep in Landscape is exp-ected to fetch up to pounds 18,000.
The artists are represented chronologically, beginning with an 1890 aquatint, In the Omnibus by Mary Cassatt, and concludes with a 1960 color lithography by Clinton Adams.
However, the original image from which the aquatint was derived, one of four newly discovered watercolours by John Clevely show that the captain went down with all guns blazing, and was not afraid to strike back.
Here, variable color density is sacrificed for utter flatness and opacity; lines are sharper, though delayed, and all marks bear the visible textures of aquatint and burin.