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In the water-beetle, the structure of its legs, so well adapted for diving, allows it to compete with other aquatic insects, to hunt for its own prey, and to escape serving as prey to other animals.
In the daytime they either lie among the aquatic plants, or openly feed on the turf plain.
George burst out laughing at the idea of this aquatic meeting.
Some of those houses of sticks and grass, like the nests of an aquatic race, clung to the low shores.
The vast herds which had been grazing among the wild pastures of the prairies, gradually disappeared, and the endless flocks of aquatic birds, that were pursuing their customary annual journey from the virgin lakes of the north towards the gulf of Mexico, ceased to fan that air, which had now become loaded with dew and vapour.
Mr Swiveller pulled off his coat, and folded it up with great elaboration, staring at Miss Sally all the time; then put on a blue jacket with a double row of gilt buttons, which he had originally ordered for aquatic expeditions, but had brought with him that morning for office purposes; and, still keeping his eye upon her, suffered himself to drop down silently upon Mr Brass's stool.
ASCA develops and supports professional coaches and quality career opportunities in collaboration with its partners in the world aquatics community.
Three-time Olympian Katinka Hosszu of Hungary (centre) will be among the speakers at the FINA Aquatics Conference in Doha.
Day 1, Thursday 24 July Twelve sports will feature and 19 gold medals will be won across Aquatics (Swimming), Badminton, Cycling (Track), Gymnastics (Rhythmic), Hockey, Judo, Lawn Bowls, Netball, Squash, Table Tennis, Triathlon and Weightlifting.
The Aquatic Capital of America Foundation works to provide scholarships and underwrite local programs that promote water safety and clean water projects, to staff and support local aquatics events and initiatives, and to advocate for the refurbishment of local facilities and access to water-related activities.
The other four participants did not know how to swim and were worried about not being able to complete the aquatics courses successfully.
will serve as construction manager for the new Community Aquatics Center expansion project at the Prospect Park Branch of the YMCA of Greater New York, located at 330 8th Street in Brooklyn.
has been around for six years and proved helpful for children with problems related to strength, motor planning, balance, sensory processing and organizational behavior, said Michael Galvan, aquatics director for Big Fun.
The waterfront or aquatics director should begin preparations before staff arrive onsite.
Vista del Monte Director of Fitness & Aquatics Peggy Buchanan points out that although the Center is used by all ages, it is not technically an "all-ages" facility: "During the actual scheduled open hours, when we're billed as a fitness center for older adults, we're targeting people over 50.