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The position recognizes that native aquatic plant communities provide ecological functions to support diverse fish and wildlife populations.
The Coorong's entire South Lagoon is becoming a 'Dead Sea'--low water levels have eliminated plants, and water up to five times saltier than the sea has contracted wading birds' traditional food sources of aquatic plants and invertebrates to a small area around the Murray Mouth.
Word has definitely spread (within the aquatic plant community)," he says.
Little information is available on the light reflectance characteristics of aquatic plant species.
Various aquatic plant species thrive in arid and semi-arid regions of Khouzestan in Iran, which can be studied for their ability for their heavy metal uptake from the industrial wastewater and make it possible for the treated wastewater to be used for agricultural production.
Biologist Keith Gazaille of Aquatic Control, representing the state agency, told the board that while the chemical acts solely on biological processes found only in plants - and has no known health effects on people, animals, or native aquatic plants - the use of pond water for irrigation of lawns and gardens will be prohibited because the herbicide would kill such plants.
Most of today's oil started out millions of years ago as tiny aquatic plants called phytoplankton, says Jeffrey S.
Each year, undesirable aquatic plant species cause extensive damage and cost millions of dollars in control and restoration to wetlands and riparian areas nationwide.
2 containers for heating: cooking pans or glass beakers * heat source: hot plate or Bunsen burner * tap water * thermometers * small aquatic plant from pet store * timer
The Biolex LEX System(TM) for the expression of human therapeutic proteins couples the ideal natural characteristics of the green aquatic plant, Lemna, with advanced genetic engineering and protein recovery methods.
In established ponds watch out for duckweed (Lemna minor) the tiny floating aquatic plant which multiplies rapidly as daylight increases; net it out.
Stayfree Ultra Plus, a new, revolutionary sanitary protection product manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, is the first commercial product to use the natural super-absorbency of sphagnum, a unique, aquatic plant that absorbs water and holds it tenaciously.
The system combines the natural characteristics of Lemna, a green aquatic plant, with advanced genetic engineering and protein recovery methods, and will allow Debiopharm to move further into the biotechnology sector.
Contract notice: Aerial photography and mapping of aquatic plant thermal discharges from nuclear plants by infrared thermography
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