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a shade of blue tinged with green

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Lemon and pink tone well with these aqua shades or, for a feminine feel, combine them with lilac and lavender.
PPG Porter Paints colors include Red Cedar, Happy Trails, Hat Box Brown, Green Wave, and Aqua Fiesta.
The color of the moment, says Ficht, is aqua, which he's observed popping up on wallpapers and painted furniture.
The familiar sage, chambray and soft pinks are being overtaken by variations of warm corals and aquas.
The Sherborne has been designed to suit an older family, using traditional warm, earthy colours, while the Fairford villa is decorated in fresh lilacs and aquas.
The last collection includes summer dresses in iridescent organza, which are simply stunning in greens, blues, berry reds and aquas and come adorned with ribbons, sequins and bugle-beading.
Superpower] You're a free spirit who invents, creates and sees only what Aquas can.
Ad Claras Aquas (Quaracchi): Ex Typographia Collegii S.
For a more dazzling Mediterranean style, look for blues from aquas and turquoise through to navy, and complement them by using terracotta and pale stone colours which are characteristic of villas and haciendas.
Stemming from the true meaning of spa, or Sanitas per Aquas, Latin for "healing by water", hydrotherapy draws upon the healing benefits of heated mineralized waters to revitalize the body and alleviate circulatory and stress-related ailments.
He himself drives the boat by the pole, ministers the sails and his rust-colored boat carries the bodies, now aged, yet a god's old age is hardy and green: portitor has horrendus aquas et flumina servat / terribili squalore Charon, cui plurima mento / canities inculta iacet, stant lumina flamma, / sordidus ex umeris nodo dependet amictus.
25 said its subsidiary, Aquas de Panama, SA, (APSA) has filed for an "amparo" with the Supreme Court in Panama.
facere arbitrio boni viri omnibus sumptibus et expensis praefatae dominae Ducissae Navillum seu canale vocatum el navilio existens et se extendens per policinum Ferrariae et omnem alium conductum necessarium pro scolando acquas ex dictis bonis Diamantinae ut sunt acquae vicinorum et omnes alias aquas propter quas dicta bona.
We both like greeny-blues and aquas and found a kitchen and bathroom paint by Crown in exactly the shade we were looking for.
NEW YORK -- Bright, cheerful colors are always popular, t they're especially trendy in the table linen category, where companies are showing sunny yellows, vivid greens and clear aquas that really perk things up.