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a tank or pool or bowl filled with water for keeping live fish and underwater animals

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10) Most cases occurred in the homes of amateur aquarists and in males (91.
TREADING Z CAREFULLY Shona sticks to dry land NOT TAKING J THE PLUNGE Shona prefers to sit on aquarist Colin's shoulder
When Bangkok aquarists saw specimens in the Yangon aquarium trade, however, they recognized immediately that it was an undescribed species with a highly distinctive color pattern unlike anything previously known (Anon.
Deep aquarist Tom Rowe said: "We were delighted to receive this wonderful animal.
Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo offers the Aquarist Programme that promises 'big adventures for little ones'.
Take Michael Henley, an invertebrate aquarist at the National Zoo in Washington, D.
Fenner's THE CONSCIENTIOUS MARINE AQUARIST (9781890087999, $69.
Aquarist Lynsey Thompson said: "The sharks are a little bit dopey, and by the time they spurred themselves into action the box fish had eaten all the food.
Oregon program director Bruce Koikie says in an e-mail that the program began in 2001, when "Jane Hodgkins, the director of Professional and Technical Programs at Oregon Coast Community College posed a simple question to me: Is there a need for an Aquarist Training Program?
Unlike the Great White in ``Jaws,'' sharks' shopping lists don't normally include humans, says senior aquarist Steve Blair.
But aquarist Julie Irons came up with the unusual idea of having one specially made.
As an entry-level aquarist at the New England Aquarium in Boston, Leah Neal dives into the tanks four times a day to feed the animals.
We could hear them snapping at the barnacles and noticed we were losing hermit crabs and snails," says senior aquarist David Cripe.
Aquarist Cassandra Kidman at Tynemouth Blue Reef Aquarium was able to record the spectacular birth when she was carrying out morning feeds.
We may be a long way from the sea here in Birmingham," said The National Sea Life Centre's senior aquarist Sarah Fletcher.