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Synonyms for aquaphobic

abnormally afraid of water


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Even if you're aquaphobic, water sports may be the answer to your fitness quandary.
An entertaining four-book series about a plus-sized, aquaphobic but resourceful teenager with mermaid tendencies as she navigates both underwater rescue missions and pressing homework assignments.
If you want to soundtrack your morning swim it makes sense to invest in a less aquaphobic alternative.
Her narrator is refreshingly different from other mermaids in the canon: plus-sized, aquaphobic and self-deprecating, but also resourceful, empowered, loyal and funny.
Doing for vertigo sufferers what The Poseidon Adventure did for aquaphobics, this '74 Oscar-winner still stands today (unlike Newman's concrete creation by the film's end) as the daddy of all disaster flicks.
Aquaphobics and people who haven't cleared their medical tests can opt for the glass-bottom boat ride that allows passengers to admire the aquarium from 
the top.
Phelps is apparently trying out a new 'windmill' stroke (as if experimenting with iconic symbols of Dutch life hasn't landed him in enough hot water already) but that's hardly going to convert the aquaphobics.