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Synonyms for aquamarine

a transparent variety of beryl that is blue green in color

a shade of blue tinged with green

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The Princess was very fond of a pearl and diamond bracelet featuring a large emerald cut aquamarine that she was given in her early years as a princess and, after her divorce, she commissioned this matching ring to be made," Mobley explained.
This letter of award recognizes the long track record of excellent performance and hard work of the crew of Aquamarine Driller for our esteemed client CPOC.
8 December 2017 - Cyprus-based, Russia-focused real estate development company AFI Development plc (LSE: AFRB) has agreed to sell Building 2 and Building 4 at the completed Aquamarine III Business Centre in Moscow to a Russian bank for total cash consideration of RUR 7.
What makes the mid-19th century gold aquamarine brooch so special is the inscription on the back.
Budding technologies like the wave and tidal energy pioneered by Aquamarine need a stable investment regime.
O'Kane has been Aquamarine Power's chief technical ocer since 2010.
From aquamarine to grey, there is a whole range across the spectrum.
Offering its guests a free drink on arrival, Solimar Aquamarine places guests at the perfect location to explore the island famed for being the birthplace of the Greek god Zeus.
With Kuwait's financial aid, Aquamarine Fukushima has been working on the projects to upgrade its facilities and improve visitor services, and to contribute to the recovery of the region.
Ocean Cool range comprising four shades -- Misty Aquamarine, Brilliant Aquamarine, Brilliant Blueberry and Bright Blueberry, represents sophistication.
4m to Aquamarine Power(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
UK-based Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC) is to offer a loan to marine energy company, Aquamarine Power.
BAE Systems has joined forces with wave energy developer Aquamarine Power as part of a project worth almost [pounds sterling]1 million ($1.
ABB, the global power and automation technology group, announced today it has invested about US$13 million in Aquamarine Power, a Scottish company that has developed technology to convert energy captured from waves near shore into clean, usable electricity.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-November 24, 2010--ABB becomes co-owner of Aquamarine Power for USD13m(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.