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rearing aquatic animals or cultivating aquatic plants for food

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Aquaculturists ensure that you can still eat healthy fish without harming the environment, explains Becca.
Farmers are converting their barns into re-circulating aquaculture systems, and Ohio State University (OSU) aquaculturists are educating farmers on how to make the switch.
The company couldn't use the water for any type of crops, and was confused as to what it should do," says Mahmoud Shokry Asfoor, an aquaculturist at the Wadi Natroun fish farm.
Working with focal residents and an oyster aquaculturist, we forced the airport to include engineering measures for controlling water pollution, and to increase its capacity for dealing with hazardous materials.
Purdue aquaculturist Paul Brown has created soybean and corn feeds for farm-raised fish hoping to open new markets for these grain crops.
c) This section does not apply to any live aquatic plants or animals imported by a registered aquaculturist.
This, my sixth crop, was not as good as it should have been," said one aquaculturist.
From the viewpoint of a harvester or aquaculturist, an infected oyster with fast growth may reach market size before dermo disease kills it.
Farmer organizations, linked with medium to large investors, are needed to get aquaculture off the ground in Sri Lanka's Mahaweli area, according to a report by Lisa Krynen, an Australian volunteer aquaculturist retained to study the industry's problems.
and closer to the Equator, where the aquaculturist has far greater opportunity for on-going profitability for a whole host of reasons," Smiley told conference delegates.
Registered abalone aquaculturist in north of Chile.
These costs have been the source of greatest concern for aquaculturists, who fear that producing seed in a hatchery setting is too labor-intensive and time-consuming, and ultimately financially prohibitive (Kamermans et al.
Description: To Increase Resilience and Reduce Vulnerability to Climate Change Impacts in the Eastern Caribbean Fisheries Sector, through introduction of adapatation measures in fisheries management and capacity building of fisherfolk and aquaculturists.
That's a good example of technology and innovation coming to the rescue, but Naam might have mentioned that aquaculturists enjoy property rights, and that capture fisheries can be protected and restored by giving people who use them property rights as well.
1-2 (providing, in Canadian statute, for priority over secured creditors of claims by unpaid suppliers, farmers, fishermen and aquaculturists under defined circumstances); id.