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rearing aquatic animals or cultivating aquatic plants for food

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Years spent as an aquaculturist and observer of bluegills have convinced Condello that 'gills go crazy for bigger baits like fathead minnows.
In commemoration of Silver Jubilee Year, Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA) in collaboration with Association of Aquaculturists organized National Conference on 'Aquaculture-Fish for Billion' on 16-17th March' 2012 in Bhubaneswar.
Aquaculturists ensure that you can still eat healthy fish without harming the environment, explains Becca.
Raising fish in a barn is just one way farmers can economically maintain a facility that they would no longer use if they don't raise hogs or poultry anymore," says Laura Tiu, OSU Extension aquaculturist.
The New Zealand mud snail has worked its way into the farm owned by famed big-trout aquaculturist Tim Alpers, and his trophy fish will not be allowed in most Eastern Sierra waters on the eve of the 2004 trout opener.
The innocent bystander problem, however, requires that the life form escape into the custody of someone who benefits thereby, such as another farmer or aquaculturist.
They were followed by aquaculturist Professor Chris Carter and pig researcher Dr Rob van Barneveld, who described the role of diet in optimising the growth of farmed fish and pigs respectively, including balancing producers' concern for costs against consumers' concern for product quality.
In addition, the Newfoundland Aquaculture Act "provides the aquaculturist with property rights, through leases, to non-tidal and marine sites.
The MRC is also currently in the process of hiring three faculty-level scientists and a scientific aquaculturist.
Centrocestus formosanus is undoubtedly an important parasite which should attract more attention of fish parasitologists, veterinarians, aquaculturist and fishery managers in Mexico.
A biologist and aquaculturist, Stein operates a fish hatchery in Calaveras County.
Nancy Dayap, aquaculturist of the regional office of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), said Agustin Dacalos died at the Naval Provincial Hospital (NPH) in Naval town, Biliran while he was being treated.
Primo Humilde, Aquaculturist at the City Agriculturist Office, said the office has registered more than 900 motorized and non-motorized fishing vessels in Davao.
He is a farmer, civil engineer and aquaculturist by profession.
In an intensive culture all the nutrition (feed) required are supplied or provided by the farmer or aquaculturist in a nutritionally balanced proportion that is easily utilizable and of wholesome diet.