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rearing aquatic animals or cultivating aquatic plants for food

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According to the BLS, the median annual wages for agricultural managers, such as aquaculture managers, were $69,300 in May 2012, with the top 10 percent earning more than $124,000.
Christopher Sherman, president of the Massachusetts Aquaculture Association as well as Island Creek Oysters in Duxbury, said the majority of the state's 350 aquaculture permit holders are traditional shellfish growers and harvesters.
As an outcome, finances will go to 3 prime zones bolstering the CFP goals to guarantee that fishing and aquaculture practices are or become more environmentally substantial; promoting the upgrade of aquaculture; and enhancing livelihoods in local communities that rely on fishing and aquaculture, by developing employments and optional sources of revenue as set out in policies made by fisheries local action groups.
7% from a year earlier, of which the output of aquaculture reported 47.
pdf) projects that aquaculture will provide close to two-thirds of global food fish by 2030.
The global market for aquaculture is expected to reach USD 202.
Aquaculture is usually dependent on natural ecosystems.
The fisheries and aquaculture Industry remains marginalised from the mainstream national economic development plans and we feel that this must change" said Dr Sloans Chimatiro NEPAD Agency senior fisheries advisor.
Speaking a the AquaVision conference in Stavanger, Norway, Professor Frank Asche of the University of Stavanger said: "The potential for increased production seems larger for aquaculture than other food producing technologies.
2008 aquaculture figures" by the Turkish Board of Statistics said that nearly 646 thousand tons of aquaculture had been produced in 2008.
The potential of aquaculture was not being realised in Europe, said commissioner for maritime affairs and fisheries Joe Borg in an official communication to the European Parliament and Council last week.
Summary: Algeria and Egypt agreed Thursday to reinforce cooperation in the field of fisheries and aquaculture.
Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health appoints the Heads of Global Species teams for the swine, the poultry and the aquaculture segment as part of its recently combined organization.
Recently, there has been an increased interest in expanding aquaculture to offshore waters, which would involve raising fish and shellfish in the open ocean, and consequently bringing these types of operations under federal regulation.
A NEW association to support Welsh aquaculture businesses was launched at Port Penrhyn, Bangor, last week.