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of or relating to aquiculture

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Thus, these data provide no support for the arguments (1-4) that implicate aquacultural use of florfenicol or the subsequent occurrence of florfenicol-resistant P.
Though salmon, trout, shrimp, and prawns currently account for just nine percent of world aquacultural output, production of these carnivorous fish is doubling almost every eight years, rapidly increasing demand on wild stocks.
The first is the decision by the new Antitrust Modernization Commission to study all antitrust exemptions, including those enacted to promote cooperative marketing of agricultural and aquacultural products.
Aquacultural practices seek to find ways to domesticate the production of marine resources in order to increase yields without further depleting the wild marine resources--an eco-friendly way to get fish and seafood to market.
The farm holds a lot of promise--it has a self-contained water table, two dams to reserve stream water, agricultural and aquacultural resources--but after years of neglect, it requires an overhaul
In response, a number of anti-dumping suits have been filed against foreign aquacultural producers.
These calculations, for example, can affect the output of aquacultural production or assist in environmental consulting.
18), criticizing the policy change, as under the encouragement of the county government, many farmers and aquacultural farmers have leased their farmland or fishing ponds, destroyed by a strong typhoon last year, for the installation of solar-cell facilities.
Caviar Creator will construct an aquacultural facility in China this year.
Because aquacultural producers can maintain a controlled environment, consumers can be assured that the fish have a proper diet, that the quality of the water in which they live is high, and that products are fresh," Harvey observes.
With the exception of aquacultural enterprises, agricultural producers, farmers and ranchers are not eligible to apply to SBA.
Contract notice: Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services
Early this year, Uni-President began tapping such market to sell aquacultural feedstuff through its affiliate in Vietnam.