aqua regia

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a yellow fuming corrosive mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid that dissolves metals (including gold)

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This, however, is that powdered fulminating gold, which out of a solution of gold in aqua regia, by the fusion of oil of tartar through liquefaction (be careful, though and do not use too much, or you will lose the fulminating .
25g well-mixed dried hair was weighed into a beaker and digested in 12mL of aqua regia (1/3 HN[O.
All the analyses were conducted in duplicate except aqua regia digestion, which was conducted in triplicate and the mean values were collated for use in all data processing.
Gold analyses were performed by Fire Assay Fusion (FA-FUSION) utilizing Gravimetric, AAS or ICP finish depending on the concentration and silver was analyzed as part of a multi-element ICP package using an aqua regia digestion.
To determine Au levels at the ppb level detection limit of 5-10,000 ppb (5-1000 ppb at Stewart Group) 30 g samples are fire assayed then digested in aqua regia solution and analyzed by atomic absorption.
Rock samples were analyzed with a 36 element ICP mass spectrometer package, using a 15 gram sample split and a modified aqua regia digestion.
All elements with the exception of gold are analyzed by Aqua Regia digestion and ICP-ES analysis.
A 1:1:1 aqua regia digestion and ICP-ES analysis by Acme Analytical Laboratories Ltd.
Silver and base metals were analyzed as part of a multi-element ICP package using an aqua regia digestion; samples with more than 100 g/t silver, 1% copper, 1% lead and/or 1% zinc (over limit) were re-analyzed using 'ore grade' detection limits.
Samples are first tested with the "ME-ICP41m" procedure which analyzes for 35 elements using a near total aqua regia digestion.
Analytical procedures for both laboratories included the multi-element package, 32 element ICP 14B using aqua regia digestion and an AES finish and AU FAA 515 package for all samples on a 50gm aliquot with all samples greater than 5,000 ppb rerun using FAG 505 package standard.
Gold amounts for each sample are determined by fire assay, digested in aqua regia solution and analyzed by atomic absorption finish.