aqua fortis

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acid used especially in the production of fertilizers and explosives and rocket fuels


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that is not unworthy of the curious reader, the vitriol of the sun of the ruby variety, which is confected from the phlegm of aqua fortis and sea salt in a sequential matter.
One is what they call aqua fortis. I am also doing the same drawing according to this process, which I will send you, if it turns out well; of making use of it for other things of Philippine interest.
Newman and his collaborators have replicated alchemical processes taken from Newton's "Dictionary of Alchemical Terms." Using a primitive charcoal-burning furnace and modern reproductions of period glassware, project members manufactured "oil of vitriol" (sulfuric acid), "aqua fortis" (mostly nitric acid), and "spirit of salt" (hydrochloric acid).
His recovery of silver from solution in aqua fortis showed the persistence of unchanged silver and supported its microparticulate structure.
Her pedigree was pure Australian for the first three generations, her male line great-grandsire Aqua Fortis having won the Victorian Waterloo Cup in 1899.