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Synonyms for aptness

Synonyms for aptness

a disposition to behave in a certain way


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appropriateness for the occasion

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They gather them up; they cherish them, but they don't hoard them in their breasts; on the contrary, they are always ready to pour them out by the hour or by the night with an enthusiasm, a sweeping abundance, with such an aptness of application sometimes that, as in the case of very accomplished parrots, one can't defend oneself from the suspicion that they really understand what they say.
His hopeful craze seemed to mock her own want of hope with so bitter an aptness that in her ner- vous irritation she could have screamed at him out- right.
Prudence dictates that anyone contemplating major surgery seek a second and third opinion: to review the soundness of the diagnosis; assess the aptness of the proposed cure; and evaluate the surgeons' integrity and skill.
This only validated the aptness of government's decision to terminate the peace negotiations and to discontinue the traditional Christmas truce," he added.
The watch's aptness for cycling permeates its entire design.
Before appearing for the interview you must send the resume to the prospective employer for proving your aptness.
Animal terms that raised a smile because of their aptness include a shrewdness of apes, an obstinacy of buffalo, a bask of crocodiles, a murder of crows, a busyness of ferrets, a bloat of hippopotami, a cowardice of curs, a smack of jellyfish, a labour of moles, a pandemonium of parrots, an unkindness of ravens, a crash of rhinoceros, a knot of toads, a descent of woodpeckers and a zeal of zebras.
The aptness of the Norwich City keeper's thoughts struck a chord as Michael O'Neill's men arrived at their Baku base last night.
We conducted a single-factor (type of expression: conventional metaphor, novel metaphor, nonmetaphorical expression) between-subjects experiment with text perception (cognitive, affective) and issue viewpoint as dependent variables and perceived novelty and perceived aptness of the metaphors as control variables.
She played the role with so much ease and aptness that even the LSA Jury had no hesitation in naming her the best TV actress of 2016.
EPA Director General Sheikh Abdullah Ahmad Al-Humoud Al-Sabah told KUNA that the endeavor centers on efforts to hone the skills of the nation's youth, as the training program aims to ensure increased efficiency and aptness in efforts to conserve the environment.
Accenture CAS and Accenture Cloud TPM also received the highest scores across the product assessment for Product Aptness & Flexibility; Delivery Flexibility; TPM Functionality; TPO Completeness; User Experience; Analytical Capabilities and Configurability.
Its aptness to solar energy is not something recent, as the city has been working on modifying and developing the functions of solar panels for the past 40 years.
Kelly Beatty replies: When Theodore Clarke proposed Juno as the name for NASA's Jupiter Polar Orbiter in 2003, he was keenly aware of the aptness of that suggestion.
First off, this last match was probably the perfect send off for the 55-yearold, probably not in terms of result, but in terms of aptness.