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(of insects) without wings


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Color: In each case refers to that of live adult apterous vivipara recorded at the time of collection.
Small species (3-11 mm); generally with conspicuous markings; mostly winged, rarely micropterous or apterous forms.
Furthermore, while aptery has likely evolved as a mechanism to maintain a presence within a locally restricted area of distribution of the host spiders, the apterous condition in both sexes of E.
The females of Goja and Ianthorntonia (female unknown in Rogojiella), are either brachypterous or apterous, with v1 directed posteriorly from their junction with the clunium.
Abstract--From Amazonia, Brazil, a new genus of apterous Mezirinae, Tobysckuhaptera gen.
A significant instance of how difficult deciphering them may be is found in an episode where the apterous pilgrim returns to the essence when he is asked: "Do you really think you rose from afar and went to find Nicodemus just like that?
In this study, all aphids were apterous, so all movement occurred by walking (or possibly wind transport) rather than flying.
A new apterous Aphodiine (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) from Southwest China, with proposal of a new subgenus.
Specifically, we propose using selection against flightless mutants such as apterous (ap) or vestigial (vg) in population cages in which the food source used to establish each new generation is accessible by flight only.
noxia was established from a single apterous virginopara (wingless parthenogenetic female) collected from wheat in Ellis County, Hays, KS, in autumn 2002 and has been in continuous culture at Agricultural Research Center-Hays ever since.
4 mm), and were fed a mixed diet of apterous fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) and small cricket nymphs.
Importantly, sexual selection favors apterous males in several natural populations of a water strider species (Fairbairn and Preziosi 1996).
elegans has no appendages, the function of apterous, the Drosophila homolog of C.