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(of insects) without wings


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Furthermore, while aptery has likely evolved as a mechanism to maintain a presence within a locally restricted area of distribution of the host spiders, the apterous condition in both sexes of E.
Twelve genera of apterous Mezirinae are recorded from the Neotropical Region: Allelocoris, Asterocoris Drake & Harris, 1940; Emydocoris, Notoplocoris Usinger, 1941; Eunotoplocoris Kormilev, 1957; Bergrothiessa, Kormilevia, Mystilocoris and Ormenocoris Usinger & Matsuda, 1959; Pseudopictinus Kormilev, 1966; Limonocoris Kormilev, 1971; and Neormenocoris Heiss, 1999.
Many species of Ptilomerinae are only known from apterous morphs; macropterous forms are rare and often dealate (Chen et al.
Each group carefully transferred four apterous (wingless) adult aphids from stock plants to each of their plants with an eyelash brush.
With regard to apterous aphids (table 2), a total of 7,455 individuals of 9 different species were collected, all of which belonged to the Aphididae.
Coquillettia polhemorum is apterous (unlike suggested by Wyniger, 2011).
Apterous Myzus persicae were collected from Apricot, and placed on PVY-infected N.
One vial of Drosophila stock culture of choice (either the F1 apterous x sepia, the F1 vestigial x sepia, or the F1 vestigial x ebony cross) for each set of ten students.
Salt also found that superparasitism is capable of producing apterous adult parasitoids, while wasps developing singly always produced well-developed wings.
Neoapterocis, a new genus of apterous Ciidae (Coleoptera: Tenebrionoidea) from Chile and Mexico.
All flies in the winged strain have fully-functional wings and sepia-colored eyes, while all apterous flies lack wings entirely, and have red-colored eyes.
gossypii, the variation being chiefly exhibited by the apterous forms which range from light yellow to blackish green (Wall 1933; Blackman & Eastop 1984; Dixon 1998).
Thorax not widened posteriorly, greatest width of thorax less than half of median length; pronotal lobe short, extending posteriorly over mesonotum, metanoturn exposed, scutellum exposed; without any trace of wing pads in apterous form, macropterous wings with 2 longitudinal veins and two cross veins, Sc and C separated on basal one fourth (Fig.
Macropterous thrips would be expected to have larger pterothoracic spiracles than brachypterous or apterous thrips.