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a domed or vaulted recess or projection on a building especially the east end of a church

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It has short transepts and a semicircular apsidal east end with tall lancet windows.
In two places the images were remade: the Lamb of God in the centre of the soffit of the main arch was fabricated in Rome; and the lower part of the frieze of Christ and the apostles on the apsidal arch wall was largely refashioned after the fragments of surviving mosaics had been removed from the wall.
Three lead tablets were excavated immediately outside of the Apsidal Building: MF-12994, MF-68-271, and MF-68-272 (Fig.
Apart from providing an opportunity to think again about the dating of various structural phases at some of the Welsh castles in our care, research for our guidebook programme has led to a reappraisal of apsidal towers.
Method B equates the areal velocities at the apsidal points.
Honington Hall, in Warwickshire, dating from 1682, got some similar treatment with its apsidal porch hood, and architectural historian Pevsner pronounced each example as 'lovely' in the two separate county editions of his Buildings of England series.
From the square townsmen view the church's apse and radiating symmetrical apsidal chapels.
Instead they indicated that he would receive one of four apsidal chapels at their discretion.
When first built, the church had an apsidal chancel, which was really nothing more than a semi-circular recess.
87) If Pere Delattre's excavations and identifications are to be trusted, the tombs of Perpetua and Felicitas have actually been discovered, located in the great apsidal end of the basilica in conjoined sacrophagi beneath one large mensa martyrum.
This was a departure from the earlier apsidal ends of the Romanesque designs (which still remain at Norwich) and has given most English cathedrals a characteristically staggered plan with square eastern ends.
The building has almost transparent facades with generous fenestration and elliptical windows (Figure 1); there are fluted capitals, round arches, placing of the mihrab inside a half-domed apsidal recess, an imposing imperial ramp, and a horse-shoe shaped polygonal courtyard which is unique in Ottoman mosque architecture (Figure 2, 3).
In rectangular churches, whether strictly basilical, with aisles and an inscribed apsidal east end, or a series of cells leading one from another, the easternmost space is usually the maqdas, and the centre of the nave the qeddest, while the westernmost or narthex-like space serves as the quene mellet.
It is barely visible from the house; in fact, one has to come quite close to appreciate the triumphal-arch arrangement of a recessed apsidal porch flanked by two roundels carved by the stonemason, George Moneypenny, with sea horses (hippocampi) ridden by putti.
One of them had a cooking hearth, another an apsidal structure at the south end.