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a domed or vaulted recess or projection on a building especially the east end of a church

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Aunado a documentos oficiales de ANDE y APSE que hacen referencia a aspectos de politica educativa y desafios eticos), lo anterior expuesto de manera amplia en la tesis Los desafios eticos del discurso politico-educativo costarricense en el periodo 2006-2010, basados en el pensamiento dialogico de Martin Buber y el planteamiento de alteridad de Emmanuel Levinas (Beltran, 2012).
4) Olgumuzda sinuzit sonucunda radyolojik ve klinik olarak subperiostal apse ve frontal epidural apse gelistigi saptanmistir.
Yatisinin ucuncu gununde atesinde gerileme olmamasi; sag gozde proptozis ve sislikte artis saptanmasi ve oftalmolojik muayenesinde goz hareketlerinin kisitli bulunmasi uzerine orbital sellulit ve/veya apse gelistigi dusunulerek hastanin goruntulemesi planlandi.
Adding insult to injury, the new capomaestro's error in the construction of the calotte, or vauk of the south apse, was discovered between 23 April and 4 May 1557, when the masonry may have been close to the summit.
Unlike many traditional European churches, which have a semicircular recess with a semi-dome at the back of the church, also known as an apse, this church had a flat back.
In the apse, supplied with two small holes, there are frescos from different epochs mostly from the XIII and XV centuries.
gununde so temporomandibular eklem uzerinde sislik ve sag kolda hareket azalmasi fark edilen hastanin tekrarlanan krania goruntulemesinde temporomandibular eklemde apse formasyonu (Resim 1) ve direk kol grafisinde sag humerus proksimal kisminda litik lezyonlar goruldu.
Swiss art historian Brenk focuses on the function of the apse in pagan and Christian buildings as a place for images.
Apse who was a Latvian refugee living in Germany immigrated to New Zealand with his mother upon the ship "Dandalk Bay" in 1949.
Garry Howard, APSE president and assistant managing editor/sports for the Journal Sentinel, said the new alliance approach makes sense given these belt-tightening times: "If there is an opportunity for one newspaper to help the other, we can do it.
The results of the annual contest, judged by sports editors from newspapers throughout the country, were announced at an APSE meeting in Las Vegas this week.
Paul O'Brien, chief executive of APSE, said: "Local councils are now facing critical shortages that could grind huge swathes of the nation's road infrastructure to a standstill.
This book presents a meticulous survey of the apse and arch mosaics, in the context of early illustrations, descriptions and restorations, and it explains their style, iconography and iconology in relation to other works of the time.
The towers--which offer the visitor an unexpected and beguiling experience of the Chapel--are to be used for musical performances, this area of the church having been designated a place for special ceremonies, notably baptism, which no doubt determined the emphasis of the apse sculptures on 'the watery part of creation', as John Spurling puts it.
Transtorasik ekokardiyografide (TTE), renkli Doppler ile paravalvuler bolgede ciddi aort yetmezligi izlenirken on mitral yaprakcik ve aort duvar arasinda uzanan, buyuk, oval, sistolde genisleyip diyastolde kollabe olan apse ile uyumlu gorunum saptandi (Sekil 2, 3; Video 1, 2.