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a domed or vaulted recess or projection on a building especially the east end of a church

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Yatisinin ucuncu gununde atesinde gerileme olmamasi; sag gozde proptozis ve sislikte artis saptanmasi ve oftalmolojik muayenesinde goz hareketlerinin kisitli bulunmasi uzerine orbital sellulit ve/veya apse gelistigi dusunulerek hastanin goruntulemesi planlandi.
23v), (26) which explains that his efforts in describing to Vasari the serious problems of building the south apse at St Peter's 'with some drawing of the error' ('con um poco di disegnio dell'errore') were in order that Vasari could plead effectively before Duke Cosimo, in giving the ruler Michelangelo's reasons for not coming to Florence while work was going badly.
As a modern architect who draws inspiration from well-known contemporary architects, Marchetto liked the idea of adding a modern interpretation of an apse.
While APSE and the ESPCC cannot endorse or recommend specific trainings, we acknowledge that the CES curriculum is aligned with the CESP test blueprint and will provide another valuable resource for employment support professionals who wish to attain national certification.
gununde so temporomandibular eklem uzerinde sislik ve sag kolda hareket azalmasi fark edilen hastanin tekrarlanan krania goruntulemesinde temporomandibular eklemde apse formasyonu (Resim 1) ve direk kol grafisinde sag humerus proksimal kisminda litik lezyonlar goruldu.
Swiss art historian Brenk focuses on the function of the apse in pagan and Christian buildings as a place for images.
Apse who was a Latvian refugee living in Germany immigrated to New Zealand with his mother upon the ship "Dandalk Bay" in 1949.
In contrast, the apse sculptures are slightly soft-centred; there is an undertow of 'nature as a replacement for theology: can the universal theme of divine creation be understood as an eco-friendly phenomenon?
Transtorasik ekokardiyografide (TTE), renkli Doppler ile paravalvuler bolgede ciddi aort yetmezligi izlenirken on mitral yaprakcik ve aort duvar arasinda uzanan, buyuk, oval, sistolde genisleyip diyastolde kollabe olan apse ile uyumlu gorunum saptandi (Sekil 2, 3; Video 1, 2.
The friary building's east elevation forms one of the courtyard's internal faces, while an additional protrusion envelops the church's semicircular apse.
Emanating from the dark central apse of the 12th-century church, the ancient.
Housed in the apse, the sculpture--a chrome-plated steel cylinder on wheels, with four metal handles--appeared somewhat menacing.
But what really set the visual atmosphere was the stained glass depiction of the Holy Spirit in the apse, set at the centre of rays of light, which touched the cathedra (seat) of the apostle Peter with flame, braided the columns of the baldacchino, and, outside, filled the colonnade in the square, making it the sacred stage of the Church on its journey between heaven and earth.
The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre (DRCC) said the unit at the Rotunda Hosp- ital is in danger of coll- apse due to staff shortages.
Many thanks for Father Paul Boudreau's hilarious and sensible piece ("Get your apse out of my narthex