apron string

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(usually used in the plural) a cord used to tie an apron at the waist

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He, however, observed that the only way to curb this is to free APCON from the financial apron strings of the Federal Government.
Local government should be detached from the apron strings of the state government.
Do you really want to stay tied to your mum's apron strings your whole life?
On the matter of the country's relations with America, from all indications, President Duterte is bent on pursuing an independent policy detached from America's apron strings.
Morony's inspiration for the Apron Strings Trilogy was her strong relationship with her maid and caretaker, who taught her more about life and love than anyone has since.
It's a big yes because heading off to university is not only about studying, it is about untying yourself from your parents' apron strings and starting to stand on your own two feet.
Being tied to the apron strings of mam mawr across the border does us no good at all.
The cast took on their roles perfectly; Gethin was an innocent and boundlessly energetic presence as the Prince, Jenny was calm authority personified in the role of the Queen letting go of the apron strings, while Ceri's versatility shone through adopting the multiple personalities of a myriad princesses.
Carmel isn't quite ready to cut the apron strings attached to her son - even if it means clashing spectacularly with a prickly Shabnam.
Bonnie brings wit, pathos and a touch of class to Carmel Kazemi - a thoroughly modern Essex divorcee who isn't quite ready to cut the apron strings firmly attached to her son Kush.
In the spring issue of Herizons, Renee Bondy wrote a thoughtful article, "Ties to Apron Strings," in which she made reference to the generation of women memorialized and remembered in this book.
If at all the Congress wants him to be its face against Modi, Rahul has to be allowed to detach himself from his mother's apron strings.
Amongst them you'll find Bobby Helms' Schoolboy Crush, Apron Strings by Billy The Kid, and Carl Perkins' Pointed Toe Shoes.
Norman and Lillian Kennedy are cutting the apron strings after being Barnardo's longest-serving foster carers.
Inspired by male TV chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Nigel Slater, it is no longer just special occasions such as Christmas and Valentines Day when men take over the apron strings in the kitchen either.